Samsung Galaxy S6 Free Calls with WhatsApp

So, you have bought the Samsung Galaxy S6 and are in love with the phone, and who could blame you. However, you need to think about the apps that you are going to install on your phone and there are just so many to choose from. One app that you should really not be without is WhatsApp and with them having just released a new version that offers free calling, then there is even more reason for you to go ahead and download it.

How Does It All Work?

In order to get the app for your Samsung Galaxy S6 you just need to go to the Google Play Store, or an alternative is the WhatsApp website, and download the app in the usual way. You have no need to worry about it not working because this latest version is undoubtedly going to be able to work with a phone such as the S6 and indeed the entire installation process is going to take just seconds.

When the file has been downloaded you just need to follow some simple instructions including providing the app access to your contacts and everything will be working perfectly in an instant.

What Happens With Free Calling?


So, the free calling part of this app really is brand new with the latest version being the first one to include it. WhatsApp have been working on it for some time and there were a number of people that were given an advanced version to check it all out and the tests have clearly come up trumps as it has now been launched on the Android operating system.

If you have previously used WhatsApp, then you will be aware of the usual interface, but things are slightly different as there is now an extra button on the main screen which was never there before. This button is specifically designed for the free calling feature and this is certainly one thing that you are going to be tapping on a regular basis.

With this feature you are going to be able to make free calls to other WhatsApp users no matter where they are in the world as long as they have this latest updated version of the app. The call itself is going to sound as if you are sitting next to them as it is just so clear and there are no technical issues whatsoever.

So, if you have the S6:

  • Do yourself a real favor and download WhatsApp immediately.
  • You will be able to chat to other people around the world as long as they have this same version.
  • The call quality is second to none and it works seamlessly all of the time.
  • This is one update that users have been waiting patiently for and it was certainly worth the wait.

There is no doubt that anybody with the Samsung Galaxy S6 should go ahead and download WhatsApp because this is the best IM app out there and you can pretty much guarantee that it will also be the best app with a free calling feature as well. Just remember that the app itself is going to cost you nothing, so what do you have to lose?

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