Samsung Galaxy S6 Iron Man Edition Teaser Image Released

Samsung is in a good mood at the moment after having tasted success with their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge flagship phones.

They not only experienced great support from the public for their amazing Android phones, but buyers are still eager to buy the expensive Edge phone which comes with a screen in the bezel area. We are still not sure about this, because, in reality, it may not really be productive to have another inch of screen in the corner; yet, the idea is innovative.

Besides, the phone has a stylish design that prompted many people to buy it. Combining them together, it became the next gen device that people want and there are so many pre-orders that Samsung is hardly able to keep up. They admitted that producing curved displays is tough and may need more time before they could roll out the phones in multiple regions.

Iron Man Themed S6

Commemorating the success and to honor their collaboration with the Avengers Marvel franchise, Samsung earlier confirmed that a new version of the Galaxy S6 is coming soon. It looks like the launch will take place worldwide before which the company has started teasing customers by releasing a new image.

In terms of hardware specifications, the phone is the same. It doesn’t change in terms of processor, RAM or camera but will only have materialistic changes. The design will be inspired by the character Iron Man from the Marvel movies. While Captain America, Thor and Hulk are equally popular, the Robert Downey Jr. character has impressed millions; which is why Samsung is betting on it first. The teaser image shows the box which has the mask on the top while the actual design of the phone is yet to be revealed.

More Avengers Themed Phones

The Iron Man themed Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the first to get launched. Even though the company or the developers didn’t confirm whether they will have a phone specific to each of the characters in the Avengers team, it is a possibility. The idea will be taken forward based on the success that this phone receives.

If there are exceptional numbers of buyers who want a red S6 with golden bezels, you may probably get a green one and a blue one as well. Why not? If you are eagerly waiting for the reveal, you don’t have to wait longer because the launch is taking place before the end of May according to inside sources.

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