Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini – Release Date and Specs Revealed

As with the previous Galaxy S devices, Samsung intends to release a mini version of the Galaxy S6.

The specs and price for the Samsung Galaxy S6 have been revealed and the phone promises to follow the footsteps of its bigger brother.

Design and Display

There will surely be improvements in the design section; but at the moment, it is unknown what the improvements will actually be. In the past, mini versions looked like the standard model, but it will be challenging for Samsung to deliver Galaxy S6 Mini with a low price and quality design as the standard S6 model. Most likely, the S6 Mini will be made out of more affordable materials; but still have some metal on it, such as the metal rim. The display size is all but confirmed to be 4.6 inches, which is a very compact size and similar to the iPhone 6. The display resolution is set at 768 x 1280 pixels.

Hardware and Operating System

Unlike the standard S6, the Galaxy S6 Mini will use a Qualcomm chipset. The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 808 chipset, the same one as the one powering the LG G4. RAM is set at 2 GB, which should be more than enough; given this is a mini version and a phone designed for the middle range. The S6 Mini will come with the latest Android 5.1.1 update out of the box, but do not expect much of the features found on the standard version. Some features that the S6 Mini might lack are the wireless charging and the fingerprint sensor. However, the Galaxy S6 Mini will still support quick charging, which is arguably one of the best features of the phone.


The S6 Mini will finally see a huge bump in camera power, with the rear sensor expected to be a 15-MP snapper. In the past, the rear camera was decent, but not the great 8-MP sensor. The camera can record videos in full HD, but it will probably lack optical image stabilization. The usual features such as autofocus, flash HDR and face detection are there though. There will be a huge bump in the front camera as well, expected to be a 5-MP sensor.

Price and Release Date

At the moment, the price for the S6 Mini is unknown. However, judging by the previous versions, such as the S5 Mini, users can expect it to be somewhere in the range of $450 – $500. Samsung’s cycle for mini versions is two – three months after the standard, so expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini in June or beginning of July.

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