Samsung Galaxy S6 Owners: Download WhatsApp Plus Today

Millions of people are expected to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge variant. Plenty of those buyers will download WhatsApp onto their devices eventually, too. Of course, WhatsApp is the ultra popular messaging app that doesn’t cost a dime to use or download. Not all users know about WhatsApp Plus, which is a beefed up version of the original app. All Galaxy S6 users should consider downloading WhatsApp+ as soon as they receive their devices. For messaging others, no other app compares to this incredible one.

What is WhatsApp+?

In simple terms, WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the original WhatsApp code. This allows the app to come with features that aren’t included in the original app. Users love the modified app because they can get an even better experience. Through this particular app, users can take advantage of extra messaging features and more personalization options. Not everyone wants all these bells and whistles, but the average user prefers this app over the regular WhatsApp application.

For instance, a user can personalize nearly every aspect of WhatsApp Plus. This includes adding a theme to the background, customizing sharing options, and so much more. Extra emoticons and emoji are included in this app, and users can even hide their online status. Plus, other features are added into Plus on a regular basis. This means that users wind up with a constantly evolving and improving app that’s worth the download. It doesn’t cost a thing to download or use, either.

How to Download WhatsApp+

WhatsApp Plus isn’t downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Since the app is unauthorized by WhatsApp, it must be downloaded from a third party site. Fortunately, this process is still simple and requires only a few minutes. A user will need to enable third-party app downloads on their device. A current version of WhatsApp Plus must then be downloaded and installed onto the device. From there, the app should run without a hitch, and it’s available from multiple websites today.

Avoiding A Ban From WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

As previously mentioned, WhatsApp Plus isn’t authorized for use by the original developer of WhatsApp. This means that the company can ban users that try to use this particular app. It’s important to download the most current version of WhatsApp Plus to ensure that a ban doesn’t happen. In most cases, bans are handed down for 24 hour periods, although permanent bans occur for repeat offenders. Current versions of the app make sure that the developer doesn’t recognize that WhatsApp Plus is being used, though.

Discover The Wonders of WhatsApp Plus Today

Before downloading WhatsApp Plus, a user needs to uninstall the original WhatsApp from their device. Otherwise, conflicts will occur and cause problems using either app. WhatsApp Plus comes with a variety features not found in the other app, and that’s why users tend to love this upgraded app. Features and functions are constantly added, so the app continues to improve upon itself regularly. For that reason, the app is recommended over the original application time and time again.

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