Scars On Broadway’s Next Album A Solo Effort

Daron Malakian

Basically, the next Scars On Broadway album will be a Daron Malakian solo album.

That’s the word from Revolver, which isn’t worth the paper it’s fucking printed on.

Nice scoop, douchebags. As if anyone gives even half a fuck about Scars On Broadway. That’s right — I said it: People don’t give a fu about this band.

And if they do, it’s because they know Daron personally and can’t be honest. That first album was abysmal.

Malakian says he will be handling the production duties by himself and playing all the instruments on the record. He’s like Trent Reznor, only Trent doesn’t need a band to make him better.

“It was just this secret, personal thing I wanted to do for myself,” Malakian tells Revolver. “I didn’t want there to be any hype behind it.

“I could have just recorded music and put it out under my own name. But I actually want to tour these songs and get behind them. And I was ready to do another Scars On Broadway record. I’ve just been going with the flow, and the flow’s taken me here.”

I actually think maybe it would do better if he just labelled it his solo debut. People would be like, “Wait, I know that weird ass name. That dude was in System of a Down, no? I might have to hear that.”

Instead, they’ll just see another Scars on Broadway record, and spend their money on an Iron Maiden vinyl or something.

Malakian expects to have the as-yet untitled album out in early 2013.

And before you Scars On Broadway-loving idiots get into it with me again, this is NOT a review.

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