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Sean Harris

Now, when I saw the lineup for the Metal Alliance tour back in December, I knew it was a show that could not be missed. So much so that I purchased VIP tickets immediately after getting word that Exodus was on the bill. I saw them two years ago opening for Slayer and Rob Zombie and I thought to myself, “Goddamn. Why aren’t these dudes headlining?” 

To make a long story short, I was instantly sold on the thrashy goodness of Exodus and made it my goal to never miss them when they come to town ever again. For pure metal fun, make sure you catch the last remaining dates of this tour. 

Moreover, this tour’s Thrash of the Titans-esque lineup is solid right from top to bottom. I’m very familiar with all the bands involved except for their live performances. Three of them I’ve never seen before, but March 30 changed all that. 

Day begins and the meet and greet with “All of the Metal Alliance bands,” begins at 4 p.m. Sharp. 

Nope! Time’s been changed to 6:30 p.m. Now seriously, what is a metalhead to do for two more fucking hours? It’s not like I didn’t wait four months for this show. 

Either way I chilled and talked to some cool people about metal for a while and before you know it doors are open, but not before the crazy guy loses his shit about not being on the list for the meet and greet. That dude had a deranged “I’m gonna rape you” look in his eye. Luckily I lost him when the doors opened. So I get in and lo and behold.

What do you think “All of the Metal Alliance bands” means? I’m not an English grad but when I showed up and all I saw was Tony Foresta, Jeff Matz, Matt Pike, Eli Santana, Alex Lee, Joey Belladonna, Scott Ian and Frank Bello, I thought, “Oh so this means all?” Could you blame me for being a little cheesed that the band I showed up for had no part of the meet? 

So I finished getting shit signed by “all” of them and got a picture with what’s left of Anthrax and I’d conclude that anti-climactic would be an understatement. Either way, I was pumped for an awesome show and an awesome show I received. 

Holy Grail blew me the fuck away! Killer solos, amazing vocals, piercing drums and stage presence up the yin yang. I couldn’t count how many times they jumped in the audience and shredded an epic solo. These guys are the future of metal. It’s bands like this that give me hope that metal will be just fine down the line.

Municipal Waste was up next and they’re exactly what you would expect. Straight, to the point, no nonsense, kick you in the balls metal! It’s what I like to call “short fuse metal.” Super short songs that kick your ass and don’t bullshit around. I’m pumped, oh so pumped to rip off some headbanger’s faces. 

High on Fire, on the other hand, didn’t do much for me. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy their music, but sound problems were quite prevalent. Matt Pike’s guitar was turned way too far past 11 and you could barely hear his vocals at all. It’s not too pleasing to look at Matt’s belly hanging over his pants either. Put on a shirt Matt.

Thankfully the Ruthie’s Inn staples were about to melt my fucking face off! All I can say is well-oiled machine. I hope Gary Holt never leaves because he is stupendous. Tom Hunting and Lee Atlus were on fucking point and for some reason Jack Gibson kept giving me funny looks. He must have thought, “Is that Sean Harris from GunShyAssassin?” 

Rob Dukes, I must say, has really come into his own. When he first joined the thrash icons I think he was a little too worried with trying to be too much like Steve Souza or Paul Baloff. Now, he realizes that he’s Rob Fucking Dukes bitch! His ability on stage is second to none and he screams out the classics with no problem. Personally, his version of “Blacklist” and “Bonded By Blood” are some of my all time faves. Just a cool fucking guy with a killer side project too!

Now by this point I was all metaled out. My voice was gone, my neck was done and I think I cracked a couple ribs on the barrier. Although Anthrax really couldn’t care less about my well being. I had to scream my hoarse voice through 13 more ‘Thrax songs and goddamnit, nothing will stop me!

Among The Living in it’s entirety? Check. TNT? Check. I’m the Man? Check. Good time? 

Check and mate. Follow me or die.

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