Sean Harris: Headbang Your Head Off

Sean Harris

Last week, the bucket list had one more thing crossed right off. Black Sabbath were at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver and I was one of the lucky chosen few who managed a ticket.

Killer seats made this night so much better as I witnessed — first hand — Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler’s insane musicianship.

I definitely missed Bill Ward, but Tommy Clufetos did a good enough job for me. As for Ozzy Osbourne, say what you want about the guy — he still gets up there at 64 years of age and puts on the best show he can. His voice cracks occasionally, he can’t hit high notes like before and he doesn’t move around too much either but if I was that old and on stage with the most influential metal band of all time, I would fare far worse. The sold-out crowd was entranced and the boys in black didn’t miss a beat. 

Fortunately for me, this was just the beginning of my crazy metal weekend.

Right after the show, I headed to the best metal venue in Vancouver, our home away from home, Funky’s. If you have never been to this place, go there now. I don’t care where in the world you are, go there now! I met up with a couple of my Expain buddies, Eric Morrison and Ryan Idris. Refer to some of my old articles to find out why you should know who the fuck those guys are as well. 

Every time I party with those dudes I do one of these two things. Stay up way too late and get very little sleep or drink ten times more than my body weight and get very little sleep. Let’s just say I took the latter on this night. 

I stayed out at McDonalds until 4 am trying to kick my drunken foolishness and stayed up another few hours with Eric, talking about why we hate Kerry King and Scott Ian so damn much. Face it, they’re dicks and you hate them too. 

We awoke from our slumber to realize it was studio time. Expain is very close to finishing their very first full length album and it’s sounding tasty. I can’t wait to listen to the mastered version and write a review on it. What did this day in the studio entail? Very little studio stuff and a lot of watching Maury Povich. Come on, two full hours of lie detector and paternity tests, how could we lose?

As for the rest of the day and night, it was once again spent in Vancouver watching more amazing bands play their asses off and of course, getting free merch. Thanks Sam Landa — the shirt fits like a dream!

One band in particular who knocks my socks off every time I see them is Abriosis. Some of Vancouver’s absolute finest in death metal and they have a super talented chick who fronts the band to boot. Alxs Ness and clan destroy the place and if you’re not into the whole talented musicianship and awesome stage presence thing, this band does not apply to you. 

Their show consisted of all their hits and a pretty sick cover of Cannibal Corpse’s “Fucked With A Knife” to close out the set. My question is this — Why isn’t this fine foursome signed yet? Brutal Tech Death? Check. Talented? Check. Popular? Check. Musical freaks? Check. What more do you need? I know how much GunShyAssassin owner Chris “loves” Kickstarter campaigns. Let’s start one to raise funds to buy ninja death stars to throw at record label executives who don’t have the wherewithal to sign this fucking band! 

Archspire headlined this show and it was their very first with their drummer playing to a click live. It showed too as these fine lads were tighter than tight. Tighter than a mafia don’s virgin daughter. Oli’s balls would not make an appearance tonight like they did at Armstrong Metal Fest. They save the testicles for the festivals. 

Of course I would drunkenly trek to Funky’s again to see the crazy dudes in Lethal Halo. Apparently At The Gates wants you to know that Lethal Halo lead singer Andrew Bailey should get a job. Only in Vancouver.

Four shows in 2 nights, it was more than enough for me.

At least until I see West of Hell, Titan’s Eve, Expain, Terrifier, Volbeat and All That Remains in two nights soon.

Life’s hard.

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