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2013 was a crazy year for me metal wise. I maintained my column here on Gunshy Assassin a lot more and I’m still very proud to be apart of this fine website. I landed a gig with Broken Neck Radio, one of the internet’s top metal stations and parlayed my work to become the assistant manager of the station as well.

I’ve done a fair amount of interviews with some of my all time heroes and managed to see 110, yes 110, bands in the entire year. Some bands multiple times and not a single month passed in 2013 without me attending at least one show.

It’s time for me to reflect on the year that was and I’ve compiled a list of my Top 10 Concerts that I was at in 2013.

Today it’s #10 through #6, tomorrow it’s #5 through #1.

10. Cancer Bats and Dusty Tucker – Rickshaw Theater, Vancouver, BC Canada. Oct. 1

When I saw Cancer Bats open for Gwar in 2012, I knew there’s was a show I could never miss again. Just another Canadian act that never gets old. The Bats stage presence is some of the best around and they even put on the Ozzy garb and had an extended “Bat Sabbath” set where the covered some of their finest songs. Dusty Tucker from Red Deer, Alberta also impressed me with their frantic and energetic stage show.

9. Fear Factory, Hate Eternal and Kobra and The Lotus – Club 9One9, Victoria, BC May 28

Not only was it a fantastic show but I got to meet and chill out with Fear Factory on my ferry ride over to the island! I watched an NHL playoff game on their tour bus and took in the sick show where the pits were insane. I even managed to meet former Annihilator guitarist Dave Davis after the show. One of the absolute most epic days of the year.

8. Gojira, Archspire and Witch of The Waste – Venue, Vancouver, BC Nov. 2

My second time seeing the almighty Gojira in 2013 and boy do they slay. It was pretty funky seeing them at a show where there was no barrier. I could basically get spit on by Joe Duplantier where I was standing. I got a first hand view of the virtuosity of Mario Duplantier on drums and Archspire proved that they are one of the most superb technical death metal bands around. W.O.T.W. had a killer set and I was so stoked for those dudes to land such an awesome gig; they deserve it.

7. Kreator, Overkill and Warbringer – Rickshaw Theater, Vancouver, BC Nov. 11

Remembrance Day metal! What better way to celebrate a day of mourning then with some tasty thrash metal bands. Warbringer brought it like they always do and Kreator had the crowd whipped into a frenzy. In my book though, the real winners were Overkill. Bobby Blitz and the boys were just frantic. I was so happy to see them as I never had the chance prior. It was a metal turf war that night as just down the street from us, The Black Dahlia Murder and Skeletonwitch were in town.

6. West Of Hell, Titan’s Eve, Expain and Terrifier – Rickshaw Theater, Vancouver, BC Sep. 7

How many shows do you go to in a year? How many shows do you see four super talented bands play? How many shows do you see have power tools, un-sweepable confetti and Queen Elizabeth masks on stage?

You probably haven’t. For anyone who was at this show knows damn well what I’m talking about. West of Hell put on their crazy stage antics with shaving metal and confetti that I’m still finding on the soles of my shoes to this day. Expain, Vancouver’s best in progressive thrash metal, pulled out all the stops with a hilarious cover of AC/DC’s “Shoot To Thrill” and lead singer Daniel Brand came out on the shoulder’s of Ogroem guitarist Kyden McCormick, wearing a Queen Elizabeth mask. Terrifier and Titan’s Eve were straight up metal all the way and I couldn’t have asked for a more fun show.

All this was so amazing, but it gets better with #5 through #1. Stay tuned!

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