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Many times I have been around a bunch of my metal head buddies and many times the question comes up.

“Who’s in your all-time metal supergroup?”

Now it’s pretty hard to pick a select few musicians out there to be in one. You have to think about genre, songwriting and how well the band could meld together. Basically, I say fuck it to the rules and pick my all-time favorites.

So for my supergroup, I’ll be picking three guitarists; one lead and two rhythm. A bassist, a singer and a drummer.

I also want to hear what you guys and gals out there consider your all-time all-stars.

Rhythm Guitarist #1: Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath

Now I know Tony isn’t the guitar player with the most virtuosity. Hell, the guy only has a few fingers, but what he managed to do with a few missing appendages is nothing short of amazing. Screw Ozzy. Tony Iommi is the reason metal exists. He basically wrote every riff in existence and without him, all the bands you know and love wouldn’t be here today. Bow Down!

Rhythm Guitarist #2: Randy Rhoads, Ozzy Osbourne

What is it with Ozzy guitarists? The guy may be coked out of his goddamn mind half his life but the guy knows talent when he hears it. Randy was warming up, practicing some solos and scales before his audition for Ozzy’s new band in 1980. That’s all he needed. The guy exudes talent. So soft spoken, so amazing and he gave me hope that even dudes in small stature can take over the world with insane ability.

Lead Guitarist: Dimebag Darrell Abbott, Pantera

If it wasn’t for that schizophrenic sack of shit Nathan Gale, the all time greatest metal guitarist would still be with us. His tone, skill, stage presence and of course drinking was legendary. He wrote some of the greatest all time riffs and was so well respected, by everyone. He’s one of the driving forces behind groove metal and his stuff, especially arpeggios, are very Randy Rhoads influenced. RIP Brother. Black tooth’s all around.

Bassist: Cliff Burton, Metallica

The Jimi Hendrix of bass. He was the heart and soul of Metallica and the entire reason they had any groove and once he passed on, the band would never be the same again. The rest of the band looked up to him and rightfully so. He had the most talent, songwriting ability and overall chops. How many times do you go to a show these days and see a ten minute bass solo? ’80s Metallica sets were chock full of them and he will be forever missed.

Drummer: Gene Hoglan, every cool metal band ever

Does this guy do anything that sucks? I think not. They don’t call him “The Atomic Clock” for nothing. His meter is better than pretty much every other drummer and he’s been in so many awesome metal bands over the years that he has every right to be a cocky bastard. Guess what? He’s not. He’s one of the most humble people I’ve ever met in the business. He could easily be a pretentious prick and say, “I’m Gene Hoglan! I was in Death, Testament, Strapping Young Lad, Dark Angel and Opeth. Your argument is invalid.”

He doesn’t though. Class act all the way.

Vocalist: Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden

So not only does he have one of the greatest voices ever, in one of the sickest bands ever, has been apart of the biggest shows ever, he fucking knows how to fly huge airplanes and does guest lectures at big events. If I ever met this dude, I’d probably melt in his presence. The second I heard The Number Of The Beast, it changed my life forever. Hell, it changed my life so much that I wrote an article about it and a few of my other favorites and it gave me the chance to write this very column. Weird hey? Thanks Bruce.

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