Sean Harris Talks With Generation Kill’s Rob Moschetti

Sean Harris

The holidays are always a hectic time of year. Horrible Christmas music polluting the airwaves more than they already are and of course, getting insanely wasted off any concoction of Jager. I, on the other hand, have scored myself a pretty cool new gig. I’m now a DJ for a local heavy metal radio station in British Columbia. Broken Neck Radio plays metal that makes you wanna break shit and I’ve been having a blast being on the airwaves, especially since we’re not governed by the FCC.

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you because Generation Kill is an awesome fucking band and I had the opportunity to interview their bass player supreme, Rob Moschetti, recently. Due to my hook up with the radio station, Rob answered a few burning questions I had for him about the band. If you didn’t know, Generation Kill is Rob Dukes’ side project when he’s not killing it every night with Exodus. They put out their first album in 2011 entitled Red, White and Blood and man, is it ever fucking metal!

Anyways, if your wondering who DJ Invasion is…

It’s me! Sick handle, I know…

DJ Invasion: I’m loving the first album Red, White and Blood. Is the concept for it something a little close to home or a general outlook on war?

Rob Moschetti: The concept wasn’t realized until we put the songs in order as they appear on the cd. But we were in a time of war when the album was written and you can’t help but write about what you see in real life.

Invasion: The video for the title track is very interesting. Are there any video game fans in the band that inspired it?

Rob: Not really, but that vid was just thrown together at the last minute because some Stupid Fuck Named Rolo and Some Cunt named Pam ripped us off and never delivered our vid that we paid for. We are not really happy with that vid but a friend of ours put it together just so we could have something for our fans.

Invasion: Has anybody in the band or any of your family members ever serve in the armed forces?

Rob: My dad Richard Moschetti was in Korea and some of my cousins have served in the more recent wars. I’m sure the other guys in the band have family members who have served as well.

Invasion: The album is a throwback to the 80′s thrash heyday but with a bit of today’s flavor thrown in. Was that the direction you guys were looking for?

Rob: There was and still is no planned direction. We just write what we like and because we grew up in the 70s and 80s, the music does have an old school vibe because we are old school.

Invasion:  Did Rob Dukes write all the lyrics or was it a group effort?

Rob: Dukes wrote eight of the songs lyrics and l wrote the other two. (“Self Medicating” and “Let Me Die”).

Invasion: I love the track “Walking Dead.” Quite a few bands have been on the topic of a zombie apocalypse lately, not to mention the popular show. Anybody a zombie aficionado?

Rob: Everyone in the band is into that kind of stuff but l think Dukes and Trenczer are the true fans of horror.

Invasion: Was there a need for Rob to break away from Exodus for a bit and have another outlet for creativity?

Rob: Rob is a very interesting dude with many interests. When he approached me to do this project l just wanted to experiment a bit and so did he, Musically and Vocally.

Invasion: Is there another album on the horizon?

Rob: We are working on a new album as we speak. Just before this interview, I sent the guys some tunes that we are working on (demo stuff) and saw that our street team had this interview lined up. The new material is really a progression from our first album.

Invasion:  I saw some footage of the club show you played in New York this month. You played some Sabbath and Maiden covers, among others. Any incite on your cover of Nine Inch Nails’s “Wish?” Channeling your inner Trent Reznor?

Rob: The covers that you saw were from “That Metal Show Christmas Party.” We let the three hosts make our set list as a goof and it was a blast. As far as the N.I.N. cover on the album, Dukes suggested it and we all said lets do it. He is a big fan of Trent.

Invasion: Finally, most importantly, any touring plans? I can speak for a lot of people and say we’re craving for a tour!

Rob: We are trying our hardest to do a full length tour but it is very expensive to be on the road. We are weekend warriors for now but hopefully the new album can change all of that…….

The Metal Alliance Tour is heading to my neck of the woods soon and I’ll be able to catch Rob Dukes in all his Exodus glory. Anthrax, Holy Grail, High On Fire and Municipal Waste are also on the bill.

My neck hurts from headbanging already.

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