Sebastian Bach: “I’m Very Immature”

Sebastian Bach

And in other news, the Earth is round, rain is wet, and vagina rules.

In a recent interview with Ultimate-Guitar, the former Skid Row frontman was asked if he’s still a teenager at heart. And he said he’s “very immature,” which anyone with half a brain could’ve told you. 

“I haven’t progressed much past 14 myself so that’s like my personality,” says Bach. And imagine — he;s actually proud of that.

“And it very, very, very much reminds me of Ozzy with Randy — the wunderkind, prodigal guitar player, the angel and Ozzy is the old crazy fuckin’ wild man,” Bach continues. I don’t understand that reference at all.

Oh wait — Bach is referencing his guitarist Nick Sterling, I guess.

The interview got real technical about the history of Skid Row, which I couldn’t care less about. But then, Bach starts talking about his legacy.

“Yeah, I’m the guy when Robert Plant does an interview and says that he doesn’t want to be in Led Zeppelin, he wants to be with Alison Krauss, I’m the guy that respects that,” Bach says. “I’m not the guy who goes, [in exaggerated voice], ‘We all need Led Zeppelin.’ I don’t see why he should be; he’s not feeling it. My whole thing is I let the artist be the artist. I don’t watch an artist make art and then cut up his art because it’s his fuckin’ art. Let him make what he is here to make. Don’t tell Picasso what to paint. ‘Why isn’t he painting this?’ What the fuck? Let him paint what he wants to paint. Let me sing what I want to sing. I am me. I’m a Neil Young fan and I don’t listen to his records on samples on Amazon before I buy it — I just go and fuckin’ buy it ‘cause he’s never let me down before. And even if he makes a record that doesn’t sound like I was expecting, I won’t not like him for it. I kind of listen to it and try and figure out where he’s comin’ from and it’s interesting to me. I don’t need my music to be cookie cutter and all nice and wrapped up nice. I like stuff that’s dangerous and exciting and somethin’ that I never heard before. Somebody said, ‘What’s rock and roll?’ and they said, ‘Somethin’ you’ve never heard before.’ And I was like, ‘That’s a really good way to describe it.’ I don’t want to be bored.”

That’s how immature people talk — ENDLESSLY!

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