Septycal Gorge Exclusive Album Stream: Scourge Of The Formless Breed

Listen to the formidable Italian death metal band’s latest offering in its glorious entirety

Scourge of the Formless BreedScourge of the Formless Breed

Scourge of the Formless Breed

If you’re a regular on this site, chances are the name Septycal Gorge looks familiar.

They are a kick-ass band from Italy who deliver Grade A death metal of the technically-proficient variety, and they debuted a song with us last month.

Plus, the band’s guitarist — who’s a monster with that axe — penned a guest column for us. What I am trying to say is they should be on your radar, at the very least.

The band’s much-awaited new album, called Scourge of the Formless Breed, is streaming for you now at the end of this post.

Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

The new Septycal Gorge was self-released by the industrious group throughout Europe; it is available there now.

The U.S. edition of the disc, however, will be released by Comatose Music this coming Tuesday.

That’s October 14, to be precise.

Buy it here.

Scourge of the Formless Breed marks the third full-length album from the 10-year-old death metal outfit.

The track listing for both the European and U.S. versions of the album is identical. But the packaging is different.

Musically, the record’s a flawless display of devastating prowess, exhibited by men who are keenly intimate with their respective instruments.

In short, these dudes can fucking play.

So, check out the album — which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band themselves — below.

Also, let us know what you think of Septycal Gorge’s style in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

Here it is, folks — hold on to your asses.

Living Torment of the Sleeping

Urizen — The Burning Sun

Slaughter Conceived

No Spawn, No Reign (Sons of Enoch Part 1)

Breed of the Rejected (Sons of Enoch Part 2)

Anabasis Paralysis

Deeds of Eternity

Coil of Nothingness

Awakening of the Seven Serpents

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