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Discovering new bands is one of the most exciting phenomena that is always undergoing a generational evolution.

It is read in ancient tomes that in the ’70s, one had to actually go outside to a record store to order the new Iron Maiden or go to a heavy metal bar to see a live performance. Nowadays, we just stay in and surf the Web for new stuff or watch bands perform live on YouTube or DVD.

Just browsing the internet takes a pretty long time, though, and when you find that new band that catches your ear, a lot of times you still have to pay to either download or order their music. I’m not saying all music should be free, because musicians deserve a paycheck if they can get one. Alls I’m saying is that when a band says, “Here, download our music for free! You can even keep those interesting sites you read just for the articles up in the other browser tabs,” you shouldn’t turn down the offer.

Because I am poor, as I’m sure the vast majority of our readership is, I have made it part of my routine to check on Bandcamp every few days for new bands that both kick ass and release their music for free. As part of my tenure here at GSA, I’d like to write about the really cool ones I find. This will give the bands some much deserved exposure, and all you sexy, sexy readers some free metal.

Everybody wins.

In between my bouts of grindcore and retro/throwback doom metal and rock, lately, I have been really digging crusty crossover thrash. So throw on a be-patched denim vest and prepare some Icy Hot for your neck after you headbang to Shovelhead.

Suffer In Life by Shovelhead

Fuzzy guitars. This is something you may pick up from reading my writings that I really love. The tone these guys have is fuzzed out. Unlike death metal bands, who sound crunchier to me, Shovelhead’s sound scores closer to a psychedelic band’s, with tons of bass and a nasty attitude to boot. Black Breath would do well to tap these Floridians for a tour.

I wonder what Spirit Animal’s spirit animal is. Whatever it is, it’s probably pissed off and from Richmond, Virginia.

They are really good. I mean, they aren’t signed, but they are from the area of the country where it’s impossible to suck if you’re in a metal band. I’m convinced of it. You got these guys, Pig Destroyer, Lamb of God, Animals as Leaders, Gwar, Cough, Pentagram, Iron Reagan, and a slew of other bands…there must be something about the Richmond/Washington, D.C. area that just sucks so hard that super intense (or at least really cool in Animals as Leaders’ case) metal comes out of it.

Anyway, Spirit Animal is more punk than Shovelhead, but it sounds like their guitar section listened to a lot of Megadeth. It’s a pretty great mix, especially when paired with the sneering vocals.

Real by Spirit Animal

So go listen to these bands. Download their music for free and “like” their Facebook pages. It’s a good way to encourage the bands.

Every download you commence and every true metal band you “like” is essentially giving a bit of ammo to these bands to eventually destroy the armies of Asking Alexandrias and In This Moments and other wannabe metal bands out there. They gotta be destroyed somehow; you might as well listen to some free music in the meantime.

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