Sicarus: The Gun Shy Interview

The Mad Scotsman

There are some dudes who — you can tell just by looking at ‘em — get laid like carpet. Sicarus guitarist Kenny “The Mad Scotsman” is one of those dudes. I mean, he looks like he stepped off of the pages of a Chippendales calendar. I’d totally have that kind of physique if I lifted weights. But them fuckers are heavy!

Not only does dude look like one of the “American Gladiators,” he’s got a Scottish accent like Sean Connery, having moved here to the states from Edinburgh. Chicks love accents…and muscles. And guitar players. Dude’s a fucking triple threat.

“Definitely not,” he tells Gun Shy Assassin, adding that he rarely gets the digits because of his band. “When I go out on the weekend looking for sluts, I do not go to metal gigs. Though, you to a Slayer show nowadays and you see a ton of chicks, whereas ten years ago I didn’t. Maybe if I was in Slayer or Metallica or Iron Maiden. But a local metal band? Not really. Chicks think its hot and everything but if I hook up with a chick, its not through the band. Chicks in the scene typically aren’t very hot.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Of course, like the rest of the band’s members, Kenny moved out to San Diego for “the good weather and hot chicks.” In 2007, he met another guitarist named Jon, and the two decided to start a band, finding various members through ‘zine ads and friends. Last year, the guys released an EP, Strength of All, on their own. One listen, and the Killswitch Engage, Maiden, and Slipknot influences Kenny mentions to me are immediately apparent. There are thrashy elements and the the dual guitars melt that ass. There’s melodic elements but not many; the brutality is basically cranked to the red the entire offering.


This fall, Kenny hopes Sicarus will be signed to a label, recording the material they’re working on and demoing now.

“We want to get new material out, and then we’ll tour extensively,” he says. “Right now, its more important to get more stuff out, because we’re busy, doing behind-the-scenes stuff. Once we secure a deal, it will help us develop our career and develop as a band. Its harder to do that by yourself. We’d love to do it full-time. That’s everybody’s dream. But at the same time, I know tons of bands make it their career, but they come back off tour and move back in with mom and dad, because they can’t make enough money from the band, and none of us really want to be in that position.”

Sicarus have a single show booked this summer with Soilwork in Romona, California. And whatever you do, don’t expect Sicarus to go tweaking their sound to make it more commercial. Kenny won’t allow it.

“The band that are getting churned out right now are the deathcore and metalcore bands. I like some of those bands as well, but a lot of these bands…The Devil Wears Prada, for instance. That guy just sounds like he’s getting punched in the stomach. I mean, I like a lot of new bands. I’m just not convinced. You know, a breakdown should compliment a song in my eyes, not drive the song. A lot of the newer shit coming out is pretty shit.”

I thought that phrase was “If it’s not from Scotland, its crap” — not “shit.”

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