Skype Download v5.4.0 Apk – Make Free Calls Anywhere In The World

In this century, online communication is part of our lives and millions of people are installing messaging applications to send free instant messages, photos, videos or audio files, but there are applications that support voice and video calling, and Skype has a lot to offer. 11 years have passed since its release, but the developers kept working on it, improved it with each new version and today, the users can download version, which brought some changes.

Even if it’s older than WhatsApp or other messaging applications, Skype doesn’t have a huge number of active users. 250 million people are loyal to Skype, using it daily to chat with their friends, and most of them are logging into their accounts from their computers. But Skype supports mobile platforms as well: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, while the supported Desktop platforms are Windows, Mac and Linux. This means that there’s at least one person from your group of friends who is using Skype and if you look for his/her name and find it, send him/her a friend request.

Once your friend request is accepted, you can start chatting with your friend, using funny emoticons to personalize the conversation. Also, if you want to talk to more people at the same time, you can make conference calls or video chats, and even share your screen with up to 25 friends. In addition, the application allows you to make VoIP calls – free from Skype to Skype and at low cost to mobile or landline numbers. You can call anyone for free, no matter where he/she lives, as long as that person has a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer connected to the internet, and he/she is using Skype. The quality of the voice calls is superior, because Skype added two codecs: SILK and Opus, for higher-quality audio transmissions.

Recently, the developers of Skype released a new version for Android. APK file has a size of 23.76MB and can be installed on smartphones/tablet running on at least Android 2.3. There are a few changes that have been made to this version:

– you can see when a person is typing a message to you
– there’s an avatar picture that follows when scrolling to read longer messages
– there are file type icons for shared Office documents
– you can send feedback from the application, under “Settings”
– more improvements were made for Lollipop.

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