Slayer’s Bostaph Talks Band Continuing Post-Hanneman

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So, last night, I was at the Lamb of God show. As I was saying in the Ramming Speed post, it was a killer show.

I’d just seen Killswitch Engage (and caught them twice before this year), so it was not surprising they were awesome, appropriately coming out to “Eye of the Tiger.”

They ripped shit up, playing songs from across the band’s catalogue. But it had been some time since I’d seen Lamb, and fuck, man…that Chris Adler dominates on those drums.

I wish I could play an instrument that well. Even the kazoo. If I could play the kazoo half as well as Adler can play drums, I might be a happy man.

As it stands, I’m miserable. I kid.

This has nothing to do with Slayer, but I am getting there.

The stage set up was massive, and the show sounded great. The crowd in “VIP” left something to be desired. That’s where all the industry folks chill. And basically don’t pay attention to the show. At all. It’s gross, the ass-kissery that goes on up there.

Most of those folks even missed Testament. On purpose. Testament did sound stellar, and their stage set was just fun to look at and shot smoke out at the audience. It was dope.

So yeah, anyways, earlier this week, Dimitris Kontogeorgakos of Greece’s Metal Kaoz conducted an interview with drummer Paul Bostaph, and Blabbermouth transcribed that shit for all of us.

I won’t go into everything that was said, but when asked about what the band feels like now without Jeff, Paul’s answer was intriguing.

“It still hasn’t completely sunk in yet. There are times when I look over to Jeff’s side of the stage, where he used to be on, and I still miss him,” he says.

“It happened so quickly that… The bottom line is Jeff’s always gonna be here; there’s never gonna be a time when I’m not gonna think of Jeff. That’s impossible. Other than him being my friend, even on stage, I had really good chemistry with him… It’s gonna be impossible. It’s impossible to forget him. I know I never will, and I know everybody in this band won’t either. And like I said, it’s a bittersweet experience. It’s nice to be back in the band, but it’s not nice having Jeff not around.”

Read more here if you’re so inclined.

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