Slipknot’s Root Calls Stone Sour “Sinking Ship”

Former member continues to slam band he was fired from back in May

Jim RootJim Root

Jim Root

You may or may not recall, but Slipknot guitarist Jim Root was fired not that long ago from Stone Sour.

Ever since, he’s been taking time out to bash the group, and guitarist Josh Rand in particular.

He just told these guys that he thinks the band is going down. And not like your mom does whenever someone flashes a tenner in front of her face.

“I spent 12 years helping that band, writing songs for that band and doing things for them,” Root says. “When people conspire and turn their back on you because you have a bigger obligation to get to, it’s a little bit like, ‘Well, I guess that’s that.’

“But when people don’t give you any reasons then all you can do is speculate. If people are going to make decisions like that for their career, I honestly would rather get on the life raft and get away from that sinking ship.

Maybe there’s neurotic people who are nervous and don’t know what their future is — so they have to make rash decisions to try to make sure they have a future. But that’s short-sighted. I tend to look past the end of my nose for my future.

“Hey, if that’s what they feel they needed to do so they could go play another month’s worth of shows and do a cover record, then more power to you, have fun with that. I know where my passion lies and where my brothers are.”

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