Smashing Pumpkins Recording A…Doom Album?

Say it ain’t so, Mary Jo

Billy CorganBilly Corgan

Billy Corgan

Remember when we told ya’ll that Smashing Pumpkins were releasing a record next year? With Tommy Lee (unfortunately not Tommy Lee Jones) on drums?

Well, in addition to the laboriously titled Monuments to an Elegy, a second album was announced for a 2015 release. That one’s gonna be called Day for Night.

Wait. I’m not done. Don’t let your nostalgia load blow too fast because here’s a nugget of news the ’90s juggernauts just announced via their guitarist’s Instagram. [Sidenote: Speaking of Instagram, follow GSA on there if you’re hip and dig seeing concert pics and sick art and shit.]

If this is to be believed, the Smashing Pumpkins will be smashing their pumpkins a lot slower because they’re working on a…doom record?

They apparently are armed with Sunn O))) amps, which are a dead giveaway of a band playing hypnotic, monstrous, insomnia-inducing riffs. Hell, a drone doom band even named themselves after their Sunn O))) amp because it expresses the inner force of doom so well.

Gear-geekery aside, how do you folks feel about this? The message attached to the pic blatantly says “Billy and I are making a doom metal album.”

Do you think that one of the already slated records is gonna be a doom one? Is this a third record for 2015? Discuss below in the comments. You can even use swears, if you want.

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