So, There May Be Hope For This Site Yet

There’s less than two months until GSA’s registration expires, and I need your help to keep the blog going

Help me keep GSA alive and go ad-freeHelp me keep GSA alive and go ad-free

Help me keep GSA alive and go ad-free

It would appear that none of you is interested in getting into the heavy metal blogging game, and, well, I can’t say I blame you.

I’ve received only a few email inquiries since revealing a little while ago I’d be open to selling this site, which I intend to pull the plug on this coming May 11 (which has at least 28 people on this planet pleased).

But so far, no one’s actually come to me with a proposal I’d consider serious or fair, really. So, it’s full steam ahead towards GSA’s imminent eradication from the world wide web.

Or perhaps not.

You see, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, inspired by your emails and Facebook messages. While I meant every word of my original post on the site’s probable dissolution and my reasons behind it, I’ve also started mulling ways to potentially keep the site alive. Like selling it, of course.

Plus, all of a sudden, that WordPress issue I was having that made posting articles so frustrating seems to have resolved itself, and in the last week or two, I’ve started enjoying my duties as GSA’s head honcho again.

Also, it dawned on me about a week ago that my problem’s been that I’ve been comparing myself to the other blogs out there every asshole seems drawn to.

The truth is, this blog is just different. This blog pisses motherfuckers off. This blog doesn’t pull punches. This blog doesn’t kowtow to fucking advertisers. This blog, ladies and gentlemen, is for people capable of appreciating the views of another without getting hurt in the proverbial butt in the process.

Since my initial post on shutting down the site, I’ve also come to appreciate the fact that 7,000-plus people (and dwindling) support this blog via Facebook. That is kind of awesome. I didn’t appreciate that before, really. The truth is, the more I think about it, the more likely I think it is I’ll decide in a year or so that I want to get back to writing honest music commentary. Then what will I do? Start all over at ground zero?

After making my intentions known, I heard from many of you loyal readers and still get messages. All of you have told me you’re mad bummed the site is going away, and that you wish there was something you could do to change my mind.

Well, maybe there is something small you can do.

While I have stated my opposition to crowdfunding in the past, my initial opinion has slowly changed with time. My main criticism was that most of the bands engaging in crowdfunding ended up releasing albums through label deals anyways, but this is different, because I’ve already given you five years of topnotch content.

In short, I’ve launched a site, folks.

For the site to survive, I’ll need at least 500 of you awesome people out there to pledge $1 a month to be patrons of the site.

That’s $12 a year to help pay for technical stuff like the site’s monthly hosting, server and bandwidth costs and the site’s annual registration expenses. What isn’t spent on maintaining the site or making it better will be distributed between myself, the site’s webmaster, and some of the other writers for the time and effort the devote to GSA.

If the site survives beyond May 11, GSA will continue to be free to all.

But your support of the site will immediately earn you a few perks. Then, after May 11 if the site survives, patrons will be receiving some new and much-coveted GSA goodies in the mail, with plans to expand site-related items for supporters down the road. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even up sending copies of racy snapshots of a young, nude Rob Halford* I’ve recently acquired through audacious means.

Best of all, in addition to still existing, GSA will be entirely ad-free just as soon as the site reaches $250 in monthly support.

If you think maybe you’d like to help keep GSA going, that is fucking great news. Just head here to pledge your support for the site, which will be more appreciated than you can even know.

And if you think I’m a hypocrite sell-out loser asshole fuckface who should be buried alive in a sound-proof coffin alone with my inane, probably gay thoughts, just leave your message of hate in the comments section below.

*Nude photos of Rob Halford may actually be naked shots of my exhibitionist neighbor, Lawrence

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