Someone From Infernaeon Is Not Telling The Truth

Mugshot of Brian Werner

Two days ago, a statement went out claiming Brian “Glen Benton Jr.” Werner had been fired from Infernaeon. Now, Werner is claiming he’s still in the band, and that bassist Kevin Gibbons and keyboardist David Stein were actually the ones who got fired…and the drummer’s backing him up.

Who’s fucking with us here? Who is telling the truth and who isn’t? I hate when bands let their fucking drama spill out like this, resulting in conflicting reports. Fucking things sucks.

“We are glad to finally rid ourselves of this cancer that has been eating away at this band from the inside for many years now,” says Werner’s statement on the bassist and keyboardist getting the boot. “Truth of the matter is you are only as professional as your weakest member. I don’t know of ANY band that allows you to get drunk and miss practice, or not show up to practice for over a year, or start physical fights in front of promoters and still expect to have your job the next day. Truth of the matter is I am the sole owner of ALL intellectual property rights, the name itself, all the lyrics, most of the music, all the artwork, the logo, all the social media sites, all the merchandise as well as I am the ONLY member to appear on every Infernaeon album.”

He says Gibbons actually quit the band a while ago, before the band recorded its last album.

Drummer Adam Sagan backed Werner up, adding that it was “unfortunate that it’s come to this, but the fact of the matter is Kevin and Dave don’t have a leg to stand on. Neither one of them procured a single show, tour, recording contract, management deal, booking agent or endorsement for the band. On the recent Gwar tour they repeatedly instigated internecine conflict, openly disrespected many promoters and club owners, intentionally endangered the band’s safety, and made hasty and ill-advised decisions that adversely affected both the band and our fans, resulting in substantial financial loss and two canceled shows. Their firing has been long over-due, and what happened in Puerto Rico is ultimately the straw that broke the camel’s back. The truth of the matter is that Brian Werner owns all intellectual property pertaining to Infernaeon; the name, lyrics, images, trademarks, etc. Imagine someone telling Dani that he’s fired from Cradle of Filth and you’ll understand the arrogance at work in this situation.”

And on that note, I’ve stopped giving a fuck.

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