Sonic Syndicate Singer Leaves; Gives Band Final Fuck You

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Richard Sjunnesson has left British/Swedish poop metal outfit Sonic Syndicate. This is the second best decision he could’ve made after legally changing his last name, which he hasn’t. But he should. The dude has gone online to kick the band in the proverbial nuts, claiming he quit the group because of “their inability to play decent music.”

Sounds like that’s only half of the story. Of course, it’ll probably be a day or two before Sonic Syndicate crafts a clever response to Sjunnesson’s brevity-challenged statement that’s an insult to the Queen’s English about him jumping ship.

He claims he felt “locked up in a band where there is no room to express one’s creativity because it’s simply not the right format for the band anymore. Being artistically crippled because heavy music is the wrong forum for a ‘metal band,’ and having to turn the other cheek, pretending to like something that I think is garbage will simply not fly for this crow.”

You caw, boy. “There are only so many arguments of the ‘scary’ screaming vocals to be or not to be in various songs I’m willing to take. Seeing how there was even demands to the band (behind my back) of songs without screaming vocals and how they were later obvious downplayed in the mix might very well have been the deathblow to my emotional attachment of the band. On the other hand, that made this decision very easy for me. It allowed me to go on in life with stuff that feels more important, things that actually manage to stir my heart.”

He questions the band’s decision to “change musical direction” when the band’s sound was catching on with so many fans.

“If we were on our way down, I’d be the first one to say, ‘Hey, maybe we should try something different here?’ (To a certain extent, of course.) But it escapes me how a band that is already doing well would risk something like that. The only reason I see why it happened is spelled, ‘greed!’ Like a singer change wasn’t enough of a change? I mean, Sonic would have been nothing without our fans. Our music was what won you guys over in the first place, and I think those are very sensitive variables to play around with.”

He wishes the band “all the good in the world, but when it comes down to it, I personally feel life is too short to be wasted on something you don’t have a burning passion for. Especially when it’s as time-consuming as a touring band. So, even if they do go sky-high, the fact stands that I sure as hell didn’t start the band to play pop music. And I would never be able to support such a change for all the money in the world.”

Fucking loser. I hate these dudes who leave bands. I mean, I just don’t get it and maybe that is because I don’t tour but there is nothing better than being in a band. Some of us dream of being in a band that actually sells records, let alone one with our guitarist brother. And you’re pissing all over that. See ya later, Richard Sjunnesson. Here’s to never hearing from you again.

By the way, some dude named Christoffer Andersson will be filling in for Sjunnesson on the band’s current European trek.

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