Soundgarden Did Not Get Back Together For Money



And I didn’t mean to slip my whole sausage into your sister’s gash when I told her I was only going to put the tip in.

Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil recently gave an interview and defended the band’s return, saying they didn’t just do it for the Benjamins.

“When we started touring and we put out Telephantasm, there were some reviews that said, ‘Oh, well Soundgarden is obviously doing a cash grab.’ I thought, ‘Cash grab? How is it a cash grab?,” says Kim.

“Since when is there money in making records anymore [laughs]?’ I mean, playing Lollapalooza was a one-day payday but… and by the way, since when do we need the money?

“We’re not like the Afghan Whigs or Pavement, we had a fairly successful career,” he says, bagging on two good bands when he shouldn’t be. “Matt Cameron played in Pearl Jam for god’s sake! What the hell does he need to spend another, you know, 20 hours a week dedicated to writing and rehearsing Soundgarden songs and tending to Soundgarden business? He’s doing just fine thank you.

“I think for Matt it’s really just a labor of love and it’s a great creative outlet for him. He wanted to see Ben and I playing again and Chris and writing new Soundgarden songs. I don’t think Chris needs the money, it seems like he did pretty well with Audioslave and his solo career. When people said ‘cash grab’ I said, ‘Huh?’ I’ve been semi-retired. I didn’t need the money; I guess if I needed to I could’ve started a band and toured a whole bunch.”

So, wait…why, exactly, did you do it then? He doesn’t say that, does he?

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