Soundgarden’s New Video Is Kinda Meh

Animated Soundgarden

I mean, animation-wise…it’s breathtaking. Visually stunning. They must have paid a small fortune to have it made because it’s a spectacle, to be sure. But am I the only one who’s bummed there’s no performance footage intercut with all of the animation?

I wanna see the guys. Man, they’re back together after fucking 70 years and they finally do another video and all we get is an animated rendering of what could conceivably be Soundgarden? Honestly, if not for the animated Kim Thayil, I would’ve been like, “And who are these tools?”

The video is for the track “Black Rain” which was cut from Badmotorfinger but reappears on the forthcoming Telephantasm, a greatest hits collection that drops September 28. The song kicks ass. I think its awesome. But — again — I would have liked to have seen the band together again, performing it…Chris Cornell looking like an Adonis with his thick mane whipping in the wind. And Thayil and his fucking beard, just rocking it. Come on…this cartoon shit’s OK but why no footage of the band?

Kim and Chris

Maybe they’re looking ragged. Last time I saw Chris, he was still looking youthful. Maybe the other guys are shy now. Who the fuck knows? All I can tell you is this video’s full of cosmic imagery, and I guess Soundgarden are depicted as these omniscient oracles with green, glowing eyes. For some reason, Dethklok is in it, and a red glowing Millennium Falcon…and there’s this glowing, translucent lizard that sets loose Mothra and a fucking ginormous sea flea which wreak havoc on the world. There’s a quick Guitar Hero plug, after which the band activates these demon-like decepticon that destroys the flea and Mothra.

Like most videos, I just don’t get this. No idea what it could mean. But no actual performance footage of a band we haven’t seen together in years? That’s just criminal, dudes. Someone call 911…we’s been robbed!

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