Static-X Singer Slams Bassist Tony Campos

Wayne Static, the bandWayne Static, the band

Wayne Static, the band

Someone who reads this site must give a shit, right?

Wayne Static of the now-defunct Static-X will be touring with a new band and playing Static-X songs. So he’s been promoting that endeavor by doing interviews.

It seems the whole reason why Wayne can’t tour as Static-X is Tony Campos won’t let him. Well, unless he hands over a fuckton of cash first.

“I made a deal with Tony [Campos], my old bass player, last year. He’s the only legal Static-X member besides me. I paid him a bunch of money last year to use the name, and he’s just a greedy motherfucker, man. He just hates me to death. He’s trying to gouge the shit out of me. I made him an offer to give him 25 percent of my net profits and he refused it. He wants this outrageous number. He wants more money than I make in a year, and he’s just doing it on purpose because he hates me for whatever reason.”

Paranoid, much?

“But he doesn’t want to play in Static-X, though. I gave him the opportunity, like, ‘Do you want to tour with us?’ He’s like, ‘No.’ Okay, well, ‘Will you let me use the name?’ ‘No.’ [laughs] He’s basically just telling me, like, ‘Fuck you.’ Ya know? [laughs] I’m like well, at least my name is Wayne Static and people know who I am. I’m not just some jack-off bass player that used to play in a band called Static-X. I’m like, ‘Fuck you,’ ya know? I’m still playing in a band called Wayne Static. It’s a little bit smaller because not everyone knows the name Wayne Static, and everyone knows the name Static-X, but we’re gonna build it up. I basically made the choice that Static-X is done, unless Tony changes his mind at some point, which I doubt he will. We’re just going to build on Static-X. The funny thing is that it’s still the same guys that played with Static-X last year, the same songs basically…we just can’t call it Static-X.”

Wayne, you are a fucking douche.

I completely understand why Tony’s holding that shit over your head. You’re a fucking dick, man. Do you even listen to yourself when you speak? How arrogant you come across?

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