Stealing Axion Get Dropped

Stealing Axion

Even though they’ve been dropped by Inside Out Music/Century Media, Stealing Axion is making lemonade with the lemons life’s handed them.

The band’s working on their sophomore studio album, Aeons, and need just $2,000 to cover the costs associated with finishing up and releasing the new album.

“The tracking is almost completely done, minus the vocals and some minor tweaks, and it is set to go into mixing/mastering to Acle Kahney (Tesseract) at @4Dsounds in DECEMBER,” says the band.

“This brings us to our next topic. Most of you know that we previously released Moments through Inside Out and Century Media. Recently we have parted ways with the label and we’ll be releasing this album on our own.

“When supported by a label, you have the comfort of receiving an advance to help cover the studio costs (although this is all taken out of royalties… meaning we will never make a dime off of the recording, this is pretty standard).

“We have done everything we can to fund the album thus far, even getting to the point where we’ve sold a lot of our belongings and musical equipment,” says the band. “We have also taken on tons of extra hours at our day jobs but unfortunately this still isn’t enough, as we struck hard times late last year with the cancellation of the Scar Symmetry tour.

“We had to buy a ton of merch as well as a drum kit to take on the road with hopes that the tour would help recoup these costs, as well as some of the debt incurred from the Euroblast tour (which was heavily funded from our own pockets). It’s just one of those things. Unfortunately since then we have had to play catchup on these issues.

“Between this and Mixing/Mastering/Tracking/Album Art/Promotion and distribution and eventually printing… this all becomes very expensive.

“The goal of this fundraiser is not to fund the entire cost of our next album, but to supplement our own income with your help to enable the album to be released in a timely manner and at a quality even greater than our debut.”

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