Steps For Downloading WhatsApp Voice Call APK

Android application packages allow smartphone users to download apps directly onto their devices. Fortunately, APKs work for updates to applications as well. They’re commonly used for updating apps that don’t have an official Google Play Store update yet. Either the update isn’t available or it’s not going to reach Google Play. Either way, APKs are invaluable files for many smartphone users. WhatsApp users can benefit from the most recent APK for the app, whether they realize this fact or not.

Here are the steps for downloading the WhatsApp Voice Call APK:

Step 1: Download the APK file onto a flash drive or computer.

Currently, the voice call APK for WhatsApp is available directly from the company’s website. Other websites have the APK files available for download, especially major developer forums. A given person needs to download and save these files onto another device before side-loading it onto a smartphone. Before choosing an APK, users should make sure that it matches the update associated with voice calls. Failure to do so will result in an APK that doesn’t actually contain the voice call update, and that would be a problem.

Step 2: Prepare a Smartphone For The APK Download

Next, a user should prep their smartphone by changing certain settings. They must enable downloads from Unknown Sources to ensure that the APK is downloaded properly. This is often found in a device’s advanced settings, or possibly the developer options. At that point, the device is ready to go as long as enough memory is available for the APK installation. It’s important to free up space by deleting old files and apps. Nothing is worse than trying to download an APK only to find that enough space isn’t available.

Step 3: Sideload The APK Onto The Device

After the APK is transferred onto a smartphone, it should be executed. This process will take a few minutes while WhatsApp is updated using the APK files. Users should uninstall WhatsApp from their device before beginning this process. Various problems can arise if the old app is not removed from a given smartphone. From there, a device should be ready to go and have voice calling features in WhatsApp by default.

Step 4: Start Using Voice Calls in WhatsApp

The APK puts voice calls into WhatsApp before the official Google Play update is available. Users can get started by sending a voice call to one of their contacts. Upon executing this action, WhatsApp should connect users and allow them to talk over voice. Both devices need the update or APK installed, or else the voice call is going to fail. WhatsApp has released the true update through Google Play, but the APK file offers another update option.

WhatsApp Voice Calling APK Available Now

Virtually anyone can sideload the voice calling APK for WhatsApp onto their smartphones running Android OS. In the end, most users will find the Play Store update an easier process. Advanced users prefer APKs because they’re easy to work with and often contain the latest update, whether it’s available on Google Play or not.

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