Surface Pro 4: LTE or 4G connectivity will be good addition

Microsoft is all set to increase its presence in the notebook and tablet market segment with some high profile releases scheduled in 2015. The software giant has had plenty of success recently with it’s Surface series devices and the company will look to build on that momentum with the launch of the new Surface Pro 4, a device that has been creating a hype for quite some time now.

The Surface Pro 4 has been a subject of large scale speculation as users want to know what Microsoft plans to introduce in the latest edition of the Surface Pro series. We have gathered some of the most important upgrades that Microsoft should definitely include in order to make the product a more enticing one among fans.

Processor and Display

The models are expected to have the option of a 12 inch or 14 inch display, with the smaller one being the base model. Both the devices however are rumored to have a 2K resolution for better viewing experience.

The tablets are expected to run new and improved processors to further enhance performance and efficiency. The higher end model will most probably run the Intel i5 or i7 processors while the base model will feature a fan less design to keep power consumption low.


With files and data increasing every day, the need to include more memory and storage has risen immensely in recent years. The Surface Pro 3 had 4GB or 8GB RAM and was available with 64 or 128 GB storage. Microsoft will definitely improve on that and the new Surface Pro 4 may be shipped with 16 GB RAM and may have 1TB of internal storage. This will definitely excite all users as this will strengthen the Surface Pro 4 as a mainstream multitasking device.


The software makes a lot of importance and Microsoft seems to have realized that finally and may release the Surface Pro 4 along with Windows 10. This will also help to free up a lot of memory on the tablets as the Surface Pro 3 suffered from poor memory management. If Microsoft can give users a completely unhindered and smooth Windows experience, it might just be able to take on the Apple iPad finally.


Connectivity options will definitely be an important factor in determining whether the Surface Pro 4 will be a success or a failure. Apart from the usual connectivity features, Microsoft should look to add 4G or LTE options as this will make the device a completely futuristic device. There have been some reports saying that the company may add LTE connectivity in the Surface Pro 4.


The pricing is always going to be critical when you consider the fact that Microsoft plans to take a shot at the market that is dominated by Apple. The company can look to ship the Pro 4 as an affordable Windows 10 device to entice new users as a lot of customers will look for a value for money deal. Bad pricing can definitely be a spoil sport.

These are the features that the Surface Pro 4 may have when it is launched sometime in 2015. Do you feel these are enough or should Microsoft look to include more?

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