Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Air 3: Best of the Best Tablet

The new Surface Pro 4 has been designed to build on the success of the Surface Pro 3. Although neither Microsoft nor Apple have released any information about their new offerings, we can still compare the two based on leaks and rumors. Here is a brief comparison of Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Air 3.

As for design, the iPad Air 3 will not undergo too many changes from the iPad Air 2 but we can expect a reduction in thickness from the present 6.1-mm. Rumors certainly have it that Apple is considering making its new iPad Air 3 a lot thinner than the iPad Air 2. Apple will also improve the display by introducing a 401ppi Retina Display.

On the other hand, there is nothing to suggest that Microsoft is going to make any major changes to its Surface Pro 4 – at least when it concerns the design of the product and its size. Even so, if we believe rumors that are doing the rounds, then the Surface Pro 4 could be offered in two sizes: 13/14 inch or 8 inches. The new tablets will have better resolution at about 3840 x 2160 pixels on the fourteen-inch model. The other models will continue to have the same resolution as existing models.

Both the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Air 3 are to be powered by new processors. The Surface Pro 4 should get a more powerful processor. The new processor will be much better than the present fourth generation Intel processors like the i3, i5 and the i7 processors. The new chip would help in improving autonomy and it will also cool the tablet passively, i.e. without fans.

Apple also plans to continue its custom of improving its processors. Each new tab from the company has had a better and improved processor, which is why we can expect the company to install a better processor in the new iPad Air 3. Chances are that the processor to be used in the new iPad will be either an A9 or an A9X processor.

Both tablets could do with more RAM.

The Surface Pro 4 should get higher RAM as compared to the existing 8GB than its present model. Apple is also planning to add more RAM, which means that we can expect the new iPad Air 3 to have at least 2GB of RAM. The Surface Pro 4 will run on Windows 10 while the iPad Air 3 will probably run on either iOS 8 or iOS 9.

When will the two companies release their products into the market? We believe that both companies will probably unveil their products soon. Apple it seems would like to delay the introduction of its new iPad Air 3 till Keynote in October, which will be an exact 365 days after the iPad Air 2 was launched into the market. Microsoft will probably display its Surface Pro 4 in the month of July and the new tablet will probably be running Windows 10.

As for prices, neither company has offered to furnish any details. However, rumors have it that the Surface Pro 4 will be priced similarly or lower than its current Surface Pro 3. Apple may also choose to not increase the price of the iPad Air 3 and will probably hold the price at or below the level of the iPad Air 2 price.

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