T-Pain Steals Title For New Album From The Haunted


I’m assuming. And I bet an impassioned rant from Peter Dolving is forthcoming, but let me offer my thoughts first.

So, here is the thing. In 2004, The Haunted released an album called rEVOLVEr. That spelling: the EVOLVE part capitalized, and sandwiched by two lower case Rs.

At the time, I remember thinking that was ultra clever; it was a cool way to point out the existence of one word in another word, especially when both words have very distinct meanings. Too bad the record was a colossal disappointment.

Anyways, I am not surprised the people at RCA Records didn’t do their homework. A simple, two minute Google search would have turned up the previous usage of the same title, written the same way. Or maybe they did and don’t care that’s its been done before, because it’s very likely hip-hop fans would never know.

But I know. I know that T-Pain is an unoriginal fuck. But then again, I guess anyone with even a conversational knowledge of music would know T-Pain is an unoriginal loser who has a brain the size of a lima bean.

He’s the dude who can’t sing, so he puts his voice through an auto-tuner. That dude…you know, that dude. The one your little brother listens to, so you beat his ass.

This is not the first time this year some hip-hop dude has gone and co-opted something metal.

Some dude named TKO Capone jacked the beautiful riff from Opeth’s “Credence,” and there is still no lawsuit from the band. I am outraged.

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