Tango vs Skype

Tango joined the over-expanding lineup of video-capable applications for desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Skype has already been running the show ever since it was launched as it introduced VoIP calls for the consumer market at a nearly-free price. The addition of Tango means more options and a bit of diversity.

Developers are now motivated to introduce new features and be creative more than ever since multiple companies battle for the same targeted audience but will Tango be able to live up to other apps such as Skype. Let’s see what both of them have to offer.

Feature And Call Quality Comparison


Skype is a bit more than just a simple VoIP enabling app. It supports text messaging, conferencing, video calls, file transfers and many more. Tango on the other hand only supports video and voice calls. Video calls on Tango are a bit shaky and the quality tends to be quite low when using 3G.

A Wi-Fi connection on the other hand tends to improve the video quality. What makes it more of a turn-off is the fact that if one user uses 3G and the other has wireless internet the quality will be poor for both users. Audio call quality on the other hand is a bit better but sometimes they do not connect right away or just fail completely.

Skype on the other hand has better video call quality and supports conferencing which means that multiple people can share their cam while being in the same conversation. As expected things get a bit shaky if there are more than 2 people in the conference and a 3G connection is used. Voice quality is quite solid and the app allows VoIP calls over the internet to landline and mobile numbers.

Availability And Cross-Platform Compatibility

Skype was launched as a PC software that allowed voice and video calls. Text messaging was there as well but the app focused on PC users. This was happening 11 years ago and since then a lot of things changed. Skype is now a multi-platform communication tool that is now available on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS.

Tango is a bit late to the party and was launched just recently. While Skype managed to develop a wide range of features Tango still works on its availability and cross-platform compatibility. It is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle. Mac OS is not yet on the list and neither is Windows Mobile. Needless to say both apps support cross-platform calls.

And The Winner Is…

Skype takes the prize as it manages to beat Tango in every single aspect. The single fact that it has text messaging support makes it a better app. Tango’s severe lack of features makes it a less desirable communication platform but that does not mean it cannot grow into a solid competitor for Skype. There is still a long way to run and before introducing new features Tango needs to optimize its video calls and tweak its servers as it can be quite annoying to be unable to call someone for no apparent reason.

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