Ted Nugent Pleads No Contest To Being A Dick

Ted Nugent

Personally, I’m really not into the idea of killing for fun. Maybe in a situation like The Running Man, and it involved men hunting men — an equal, fair battle of brute, brains, and cunning, staged in front of multiple high-def cameras for the purposes of global entertainment. I also think they should televise high-profile executions, but I am the son of a cop. Ask me what I think of Ted Nugent hunting defenseless deer for his television show…please.

I think Ted Nugent is a fucking asshole. The dude put out one song, and now he’s the poster child for crazy old guys who love to wear camouflage and outwit animals with brains the size of a peanut. In Ted’s case, its an equal battle on an intellectual level, but the Nuge has fucking bows and arrows and deer calls and gland juice he sprays all over his ass. He hides in the woods for hours so he can gun down a gentle creature with no warning. Big man, Ted.

Now, this idiot’s pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor deer poaching counts in California. He pleaded no contest because he shot his crime for his stupid Outdoor Channel show. Two game wardens saw the program, and 11 charges were filed against Ted, who would be locked up in a psycho tank if he didn’t have wealth. Ted, according to reports, put food down to attract the deers, which is also illegal in California. What a fucking pussy this guy is. Why can’t he just fish like everybody else?

Ted plead to the two counts and was fined $1,750. That’s chump change for Ted, and he’ll probably have the production company behind his show pay it and then write it off as a cost of doing the show. Fuckwads.

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