Terror Offer Reason For New Album Delay

You know they like Terror

Yes, I know.

Like many Terror fans, you too may have wondered, “Why the fuck is taking so long to release this fucking hardcore album, especially since we know the lyrics are simple and oafish?”

Terror have now offered an explanation for why Live By The Code still isn’t available.

“A lot of people have been leaving comments or asking us when Live By The Code is coming out. We want this record out too, believe me. The record is done.”

The band adds: “It’s been done for a long time now. The layout is done. Everything is set. And we are very proud with it. It came out great. Really fucking great. So what has the delay been? Our own stubbornness. Our own drive to make sure it’s released the way we want it.”

The band says it is “under contract with Century Media, for better or for worse. They have always treated us fairly, but as a band you always want more. You always feel short changed. You always have your vision and getting that vision across to a larger label is not always easy. So for months we’ve gone back and forth on how we can put this thing out so everyone is happy.

“We wanted to start our own label so we could do everything on our terms but CM didn’t wanna just let us go. Believe me, I feel for record labels in 2013. Pay all that money for recording and to push the record and people just download for free. So I see their side of all this. So after a lot of give and take, I think we put together a pretty crazy plan with CM that’s going to catch a lot of people off-guard and stir the pot once again. Gotta feed the internet so they can shit out their keyboard diarrhea.”

Haters gonna hate.

“All the details will be coming with one of those overly official press releases with a lot of stupid wording soon. Bear with us for a bit more. The new EP, Hard Lessons, just came out on Reaper Records. Check it out.”

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