The Agonist Insist On Releasing Another Album

The Agonist’s Alissa White-Gluz

Dude — shit’s been strange. So strange that it’s made me come to the conclusion that ultimately, my life’s basically been a series of close calls — of “almosts” and “nearlys.”

This has nothing to with The Agonist, the Canadian metal outfit fronted by a chick with a hyphenated name, or the band’s forthcoming album, Prisoners.

Oh no, folks. Not at all. I am just venting. See, I sometimes use this blog to spout…to get shit off my chest and release it unto the world.

I just feel like sometimes, and maybe even lately, opportunities have come — and almost yielded what could have been life-altering results — only to leave just as I was settling into the idea. And by opportunities, I’m talking the career variety, as well as the writing, financial, and life kind.

This is all very vague, and that’s unfair to you fine folks. But if truth be told, I mostly wrote this nondescript post because I had to pull you in somehow. The Agonist doesn’t necessarily put asses in seats, if you know what I mean…and I think you do.

Regardless, the band have completed work on their new album Prisoners, which Century Media will release June 5.

“Creating Prisoners was the most challenging under-taking to date for The Agonist,” explains singer Alissa White-Gluz. See? Hyphen.

“Years of emotion, passion, thought and experience went into making this album, and I think people will be able to hear, feel and think right along with us when they listen to Prisoners,” she adds.

Wow. How lofty of you. And kind of confusing, too.

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