The Apple Watch – 6 Accessories Worth Buying

Not everyone can afford to buy the solid gold band edition of the Apple Watch, but at least most of us can get the $349-$1,000 models of this amazing device.

However, if this Cupertino Company has done amazingly well in convincing you that the Apple Watch is a real beauty, then you need to be very selective in choosing what should go with this watch. Maybe you already pre-ordered your Apple Watch; you might be in line to get it come this July. This is the same case with lots of Apple Watch accessories, which are yet to be released, but are coming very soon.

Dodocase dock

The Dodocase dock is a dual charging organizer that looks like a small book that belongs somewhere else – the library shelves. However, the dual charging dock organizer is something very powerful once opened, as it can charge your iPhone as well as the Apple Watch. You will also get a storage compartment, where you can easily stash your charging cables as well as headphones. This is one device you don’t want to miss and it sells for only $79.95.

Casetify bands

For just $50, you can change the colors and materials of the Apple Watch bands, just in case the default bands are nothing you like. When you visit Casetify, you will be able to come across hundreds of designer bands, from which you can choose the one that best suits you. You also have the option of personalizing your own Apple Watch Casetify band using images from Facebook, Instagram or even make a pattern using the stamp libraries available on the site. There are further filters that can be applied on this design to make it a standout among others.

Wipower band

The Apple Watch has a handsome battery life that can take it through most part of your day, say 18 hours. However, this is only possible when using the watch averagely. Heavy usage might drastically cut down on this battery life. In such times, you will need the wipower band. This band will rest behind the face of your Apple Watch and it’s designed to double the battery life of your Apple Watch. This band will start selling this month or early next month from $89 to $99.

Reserve strap

If you are looking for more battery life without adding weight to your Apple Watch band, the best option around is the silicon-based Reserve Strap. Using this accessory, the company behind it claims that you will be able to increase the Apple Watch battery life by up to 125%, which is simply amazing.

Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen is a not a new name in Apple’s books. This is the company behind the protection that Apple products get and now that the Apple Watch has been added to the many Apple products available today, Spigen has gone for it again with the new Spigen Slim Armor, which is available for just $19.99. This Apple Watch case will keep your watch’s face safe.

Time Travel case

A Time Travel case is perhaps what you need after that long day of travelling. Of course, you will be tired and the moment you get a cozy place to rest, your watch will be the first thing you want to get rid of. Using the Time Travel case designed by WaterField Designs, you can safely fit in your Apple Watch, earbuds, charger, any extra bands and even your iPhone. You have options of choosing from either a leather or ballistic nylon design. The company plans to sell the Time Travel Case for $49, when it is released later this year.

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