The Best Metal Albums of 2013…So Far

Halo of Blood

We’re in the sixth month of the year, which will mark the halfway point of 2013 in a couple weeks. I thought it’d be nice to go over some of the best albums up to this point, since we all love our year-end lists.

Here we go!

Queensrÿche, Queensrÿche

This is a pretty obvious inclusion from me! You readers know how passionate I am about this band as well as that shitty other version floating around. This album marks a huge return for the band and a payoff for the fans who have been waiting for over 20 years for an album like this. There’s guitar harmonies and a guy who can actually sing. It’s been a while since we’ve experienced either of those with a new Queensrÿche release.

Immolation, Kingdom Of Conspiracy

These New Yorkers dished out their best album since the landmark Close To A World Below. Everything we love about Immolation is in this album, including those beloved “BUHHH” belches from Ross Dolan. Immolation has been putting out solid efforts over the years, but were missing the edge that their earlier albums had. Everything is back on Kingdom Of Conspiracy and I couldn’t be happier.

Progenie Terrestre Pura, U.M.A.

I wrote about these guys briefly in an Under The Radar segment and they definitely deserve more attention. They’ve done something truly unique with the black metal genre and have applied psybient elements to the music. In a world where techdeath dominates the future/space schtick, PTP offer their approach to the theme and crafted one of this year’s best albums and a stellar debut.

Steven Wilson, The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)

Metalheads have a few non-metal bands that we all seem to appreciate, Porcupine Tree being one of them. Porcupine Tree mastermind Steven Wilson serves up his third solo album, which many are calling his magnum opus. There are plenty of Easter eggs as far as riffs and melodies go for the progheads. Wilson gives a huge nod to his influences while creating something that is very much his own. Oh yeah, former Necrophagist drummer Marco Minnemann plays on this one!

Children Of Bodom, Halo Of Blood

These drunken Finnish bastards of Bodom are back! While Relentless Reckless Forever flirted with a return to the celebrated style after two mediocre albums, Halo Of Blood fits in line as a successor to Hate Crew Deathroll. The leads are high-flying, the catchiness is back, and Warman’s fingers are back to making dudes wish they had vaginas. It feels good to have these guys back and playing the music we’ve been craving from them over the last ten years.

Magic Circle, Magic Circle

Those who follow this site feverishly already know that this doom debut is one of my favorites this year. If you’re a fan of Pentagram, Dio Sabbath, Trouble, and Witchfinder General then this will be one of your favorites too. Magic Circle is a time machine back to when traditional doom was at its best. This band is more than just idol worship as they take the aforementioned influences and craft their own blend spanning the six songs of the album.

Some other standouts:

Purson, The Circle and the Blue Door

Satan, Life Sentence

Defeated Sanity, Passages Into Deformity

Primitive Man, Scorn

Black Boned Angel, The End

Cultes Des Ghoules, Henbane

Let us know what you think are the best metal albums of 2013 so far and what ones you’re looking forward to over the next six months!

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