The Devil Wears Prada’s New EP Is Not Bad, Dude

The Devil Wears Prada

I hate to admit it, because for the most part, people are divided about The Devil Wears Prada…with the vast majority of my friends opting for the “Fuck that band” side. Some people think they’re shit. Some people think the name sucks, and hate the fact that they’re Christian [Edit: But not preachy like some of these other bands. In fact, the only way you’d know they’re Christian is by Googling them]. Some people worship them. Me? I never listened to the band until I interviewed them for Noisedick on the “Dick Show” and, yes, perhaps my opinion on them has been somewhat clouded by the fact that they’re super nice guys in person. But, could it be that I actually like this 5-song EP they’re about to release about flesh-starved zombies?

Just hear me out, would ya?

Let’s call a spade a fucking diamond: The Devil Wears Prada are not reinventing the wheel. They’re not even trying to reinvent the ShamWow. What they are doing is simple and it works: heavy-as-fuck, honest-to-goodness metal that sounds sound like Haste, had Haste not broken up, evolved with the times, gotten off their asses, and tried to actually — I don’t know — get fans [Edit: That’s a reunion I wanna see. Fuck Codeseven]. Yes, Zombie, in stores next month, has electronic elements, and at times, the vocals could be confused for emocore. But dude, they’re better than anything you’re going to hear on terrestrial radio and — fuck, I’ll just say it — better than half of the crap that crosses my desk.

It’s a well-produced, tight, tripped-out set that is fucking beyond crushing at times. There’s piano on it, which adds to the fairy quotient, but it actually works here. In fact, there’s various instrumentation on this bold EP, which all hinges on a single concept: Zombie infestation.

Look, at least they’re not whining about how chicks won’t touch them, like half of these deathcore bands. The last song, “Survivor,” starts off with gunfire and panicked breathing; this song is about a man, on his own, picking off zombies as they make their way onto his farm. The third track, “Outnumbered,” is also pretty sick, despite its intro. All and all — and fuck, I know my friend The Goat is going to rake me over the proverbial coals for this one — but there’s some seriously infectious riffs on this pithy offering.

Dude, say what you want about this band, but they’ve gotten Killswitch Engage’s endorsement [Edit: And that still means something to me], and they actually took a chance on a concept record and it paid off. How many concept records have we seen tank?

The Devil Wears Prada is not Deathspell Omega. They’re not Trap Them. They’re not Ufomammut. They’re not Carcass. But then, no one’s Carcass. If you hated The Devil Wears Prada before reading this, you’ll probably still hate them after you read this. But if its not about the band, and you genuinely didn’t dig their previous releases, trust me — this is an evolution for TDWP, and, at 22-plus minutes, would it kill you to give Zombie a listen? You might be surprised.


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