The Elder Scrolls VI: Argonia Release Date

According to the rumor mill, The Elder Scrolls VI will be launched in early 2016. Bethesda has not yet confirmed that the development of the title is in progress but some leaks and an official Tweet confirms that the next game coming from the studio will be an Elder Scrolls game.

In early September 2014 several media outlets allegedly reported that information has been leaked that Bethesda is working on the development of the next Elder Scrolls Game. While not all the sources are credible the article did pick up a lot of hype and the community started to take it as a fact.

Some of the arguments that support this leak is the fact that it follows a trend that Bethesda has for launching high profile games. Their development cycle seems to be about 5 years. Morrowind was launched in 2006 while Skyrim was launched in 2011. Looking at the timeline pattern ES6 should be launched in 2016. The rumors go as far as anticipating the month and according to some posts the game will hit the shelves in March.

Some of the arguments that go against this rumor is the acquisition of the Fallout IP. Bethesda could focus on this franchise but since the reviews for the New Vegas expansion were so positive, the next Fallout game could be developed by Obsidian. Obsidian developed New Vegas and surely they can handle the next title in the franchise leaving Bethesda to work on the Elder Scrolls 6.

Why Not ES7?

The Elder Scrolls Online could be called a spiritual successor to Skyrim but its commercial failure makes it a rather forgettable title. Day one bugs and server problems as well as inconsistent gameplay and constant problems made the community forget about it. In other words The Elder Scrolls Online does not even count as a title of the franchise. This raised another debate around the fact that Bethesda will cut its own foot by releasing a new Elder Scrolls game while ESO is still considered a new MMORPG.

Speculations tell that the studio invested too many resources to abandon the game and move on to develop The Elder Scrolls VI. On the other hand ESO did not achieve the success they were hoping for and maybe it is time to move on.

The Official Tweet…

A lot of questions were addressed to officials on Twitter since this rumor or leak reached the press. Pete Hines from Bethesda replied that they have not confirmed what they are working on but when they will they will not use Twitter. Most likely news will come from E3 but the Tweet itself is more of confirmation through ambiguity. Hines could have simply replied “No” but he didn’t he preferred to be dismissing and ambiguous which leads to an obvious conclusion.

At the moment there is no clear official news regarding the development of The Elder Scrolls IV: Argonia and with all these so called leaks running around nobody from Bethesda bothered to confirm or deny their progress on the game. In other circumstances if the leak was not true there would have been an accouchement for this. Meanwhile the only thing that the community knows is the fact that it is rumored to launch in March 2016.

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