The Future of WhatsApp Voice Calling – Will Call Charges Apply?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has been a total game changer.

This is something that has happened in a period of less than 10 years and as of now; there are over 800 million people who actively use WhatsApp on a monthly basis.

It can be true to say that WhatsApp came from nowhere and immediately sprung into life, taking the world by storm thanks to its amazing free instant messaging services. There is now more to this app than just simply sending voice, video, text and photo messages. It is no longer the app that was only meant for use on mobile phones. For sure, WhatsApp has grown in leaps and bounds, and it seems this won’t be stopping anytime soon.

WhatsApp Web voice calls on the cards?

As noted above, WhatsApp has grown in leaps and bounds and it for sure not the same app that made its debut in 2009. Users of this application are now able to use it on a PC without the need of an emulator. Using WhatsApp Web, it is now possible for WhatsApp users to send and receive messages using a PC or tablet.

This is a huge addition for WhatsApp, moving from being a mobile phone-based app to a more versatile app that covers all major platforms. However, the main problem in this case is that for WhatsApp Web to work, the phone app must be synced with the PC version. This is where the Apple users are left out, with WhatsApp citing ‘Apple platform limitations” as to why the iPhone users are not able to use this Web client on PCs.

Even though WhatsApp for iOS is not equipped with WhatsApp Web, the users of other platforms that include Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and some Nokia devices can still use WhatsApp Web on PCs. According to WhatsApp, the issue with the iPhone users will soon be resolved and hopefully, the users of this platform can also start using this client on their PCs. Furthermore, it seems WhatsApp is working on a new voice calling service for the WhatsApp Web users. This addition will enable the users of WhatsApp Web on PCs to not just send and receive messages, but also to make free WhatsApp voice calls from the same device.

WhatsApp to start charging voice calls

WhatsApp is expected to add more than what is already on offer; – instant messaging and voice calling services. Sooner than later, WhatsApp video calling will be enabled and millions will start enjoying live one-on-one calls.

However, these WhatsApp voice and video calls are free, but only between the users of the app. In future, it is expected that WhatsApp will come up with a cross-platform communication feature, similar to ViberOut and SkypeOut. Using the new feature, the WhatsApp users will be able to make very affordable voice and video calls to those not using the app, be it on their mobile phones, landlines or even other apps.

Communication between apps has been very limited and in fact, WhatsApp introducing such ability may end up becoming the app’s selling point.

At the moment, the WhatsApp users must pay $1 to keep using the app past the allocated free one year. This is a nominal fee and with Facebook expecting returns from the $19 billion they splashed for this app, charging WhatsApp voice calls might just be the next agenda on Facebook’s list.

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