The Ghost Inside: The Gun Shy Interview

The Ghost Inside

Whenever Satanic bands roll through Middle America on tour, they’re often met by Christian radicals, protesting their presence in their Bible-belt town. I think we should have Satanists picket outside Norma Jean or Underoath shows, just to give it back to ‘em a little bit. Jonathan Vigil from The Ghost Inside supports my campaign to protest Christian metal because, with a name like The Ghost Inside, its not uncommon for people to think his band’s into Jesuscore. Not so, spatula dick.

“A lot of times, people think we’re a Christian band because of the name, but we’re actually not a Christian band,” Vigil, who has two Street Fighter-themed tattoos on his leg, says. “We have a song on the new record about Christianity and the music scene, but no, we’re not a Christian band.”

Vigil, a Final Fantasy fan by his own admission, says that the song in question “says it creates a lot of divisions and lines for people we think are unnecessary. Just because a band is Christian or not Christian, people of the opposite views won’t even give that band a chance. A lot of Christian kids wont listen to a band because they’re not Christian and vice versa.”

The Ghost Inside will be headlining a Canadian tour starting this weekend and then they’ll be heading to California to hit the rod with Suffokate, Terror, and Bleeding Through. Once that tour’s up, they’ll be heading over to Australia with Parkway Drive and The Devil Wears Prada. The Ghost Inside will be touring for the foreseeable future in support of their new disc, Returners, which dropped on June 8 and features guest spots from members of Bury Your Dead and Sleeping Giant.

So, I ask Vigil what it’s like out there on the road. Any luck with the chicks? “I mean, it definitely helps,” Vigil says. “Its a lot easier of an ice breaker. Girls come up to you: ‘Oh, I love your band.’ You already have that step up. I’ve never really been that dude. I had a girlfriend the first two years this band got serious and started touring a bunch. We ended up breaking up and I haven’t found anyone since. Its definitely a lot easier though, definitely being in a different city every night. It definitely helps.”

Its tricky macking ladies on the road, at shows, Vigil says. Sometimes, you talk to the wrong girl. “Dudes hit on other dude’s girlfriends, unknowingly obviously…even sometimes band members’ sisters. For me, I never go out and actively pursue chicks, so I have never been in that situation. If anything, someone will come up to me. My approach is, just hang out, and put that vibe out. That’s all you have to do.”

Wise words from a dude with Street Fighter ink.


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