The Granville Diaries Part 1 — Music To Worship

Sean Harris

Faithful readers, Sean here again and I’ve been hard at work. Well, if you want to call going to metal shows and meeting the bands work, I’ve been swamped. Just this past Thursday evening, there was so much epic packed into one day, my head nearly exploded!

Before coffee I took the hour-long drive down to the wonderful city of Vancouver to meet some of my idols (Only Twitter/metal heads will understand that reference). What would be on the agenda?


I had a chance to share some brief chit-chat with the metal titans and by brief chit-chat I mean stand there in awe, stumble on my words, and barely manage to complete a sentence. Rob Caggiano was up first to sign my awesome custom Canadian flag V.I.P. banner. I, somehow, administered an entire thought.

“I love your tapping solo on ‘The Devil You Know.’ Where did you come up with that?”

“I don’t know,” said Rob.


Up next were the insanely cool Joey Belladonna and Scott “Not!” Ian. Joey gave me a fist bump and his Worship Music dogtag. I don’t think I’ll ever take it off. As for Scott, he offered me some incite on why they appeared on the “Married With Children” episode “My Dinner With Anthrax” all those years ago.

“All I wanted was a lap dance from Kelly Bundy!”

Don’t we all?

In all seriousness, the crew on the show were huge ‘Thrax fans and insisted they rip shit up, which they did.

Mr. Bassist Supreme, Frank Bello, was all smiles, but after coffee of course. From him, I discovered that the title “Worship Music” came from drummer Charlie Benante staying up till two in the morning and just happening to tune into a religious program that shared the same name. I also commented on how he exudes charisma and how amazing his stage presence is. In return he requested I “get in there” for a low light, bad quality picture taken on my Ipod. Apple be damned but I didn’t care. He would later thank me once again on Twitter. This is something that I have screen captured and will be hanging on my wall shortly.

Charlie was unfortunately held up at the border for his ongoing legal issues so stunning stand-in Jason Bittner from Shadows Fall was there to sit on the drumming throne.

Part 2 will actually cover the show itself! Stay tuned!

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