The Holiest Of Grails

Holy Grail

Now during my time at British Columbia’s finest metal fest, Armstrong Metal Fest, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know the dudes in Holy Grail. We drank, got drunk, drank, drank some more and when we were finished, we drank. Shenanigans were in full force.

Three months passed by and the Grail boys hit the road with Orange Goblin. I like the ‘Gob as much as the next guy, but I went to their show in Vancouver to specifically see my lads in Holy Grail. Unfortunately, I was having an inner struggle with myself. Would they remember me? I’m just one stupid kid they drunkenly met for two days in the summer. I’m sure they meet tons of people like that. What makes me so special?

All my fears were put to rest when I entered the hallowed grounds of the Rickshaw Theater on that chilly Sunday night.

Guitarist Alex Lee was the first to greet me with open arms and stories about his yo-yo prowess. On the Metal Alliance tour, the Holy Grail yo-yo’s that were manufactured was at a grand total of two. Alex had one and the other belonged to Gary Holt. Seriously, if Holt wants something from you, you give it to him.

I noticed that bassist Blake Mount’s beard got even longer from the last time I saw him and singer James Paul Luna’s mustache got greasier. It must be a tour thing, like a playoff beard.

Other guitarist Eli Santana was super stoked to see me and that made me feel like a million bucks. Making sure I had plenty to drink, was safe driving home and of course being wasted himself was most important on his agenda. Exodus stories were at a premium as he regaled me about the time Lee Altus challenged him to drink before a show.

Tip #2. Never accept a Lee Altus drinking challenge.

Eli knocked it back enough to the point where he couldn’t play guitar that night and it’s not like the Grail’s songs are easy. Damn that Altus.

Anyway, my buddies were ready to play and party, but the party could never start without my main man, drummer Tyler Meahl. Me and him definitely hit it off during the summer and we proceeded to engage in the biggest platonic hug I’ve ever been apart of. He might have thought it wasn’t platonic, I could never tell with those eyes. Either way, I was high on life that my bros still loved me and it was time to tear it up on stage.

Their set list was off the hook as the played pretty much all the favorites. Bleeding Stone, Crosswinds, My Last Attack, Ride The Void and many more absolutely slayed. Their stage presence is off the charts and the musicianship is so sick. How arms didn’t fall off during the set, I’ll never know. My only complaint is that the set was too short!

After the show we all exchanged pleasantries, stories and drinks and I was loving Eli’s impression of Corpsegrinder. Apparently George doesn’t like pho.

All in all, it was a blast to recapture some hilarity with my friends from Cali. Fuck it, those guys just need to move to Canada already.

It’s warm here… sometimes.

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