The Meadows Waste Books: Chapter Two

The Meadows Waste Books

It’s been a while, but A Life Once Lost frontman Robert Meadows is back with his thoughts on crowdfunding campaigns

Ah, where to start. This is long over due but some things need to be clarified concerning my alleged hating of this fundraising bandwagon people, artists, and bands seem to be jumping on.

My opinion is based on hard work, living within your means and cherishing what you have when you have it. I would never stoop to such a level that I’d ask for something from someone who has given me the ability to prance across the world, playing music.

If we wanted a van, we worked jobs that we hated, saved and reinvested into the one thing that was a service to us. In order to tour, we planned properly, spent within our means, sacrificed comfort to know that we were always stable finically and able to get from show A to show B.

In order to travel to Europe, we saved whatever money we made from the tours where we pinched pennies so we could afford to travel and play music. Never once did I feel that my music or my band ever deserved any financial support outside of my fans who would buy a record, shirt or come to a show.

That’s support enough at the end of the day. If it isn’t stable or self sufficient, walk away with your head held high and be proud of the attempt you made at something the general public dreams of. Your fans need to be shown your appreciation and that’s by coming to their city, regardless of the turnout and putting 200-percent into every aching second of your set.

I stand by my words that bands and musicians that use any form of donation-based fundraising campaigns — like Indiegogo — in this day and age should rethink what it is that they are doing and move onto something more. 

I don’t understand bands that feel the need to ask whatever fans they have obtained from touring for any help to fund anything and everything they may need.

Sell a shirt to raise awareness or funds for breast cancer or a van accident. Play a show and use the proceeds to help fund a trip or bring to attention an unjust action against humans and animals alike. There is good that exists within every single person without holding a hand out and expecting help.

Do it yourself. Do it for yourself. Do it for the music that gave you shelter when nothing else would. This isn’t a fashion or fad — this is pure and should remain that way. 

I have offered my services and the knowledge I have obtained through one Melissa Cross to help individuals with something that that saved me: singing. If I give you a service, I expect to be paid accordingly and that is it.

I will not come back a month later asking for more and a year later asking for even more — my service with the band never ends but should be capped at purchasing a record, buying a ticket to the show or picking up a shirt we are selling.

Never will I ask and never will I expect a thing from my fans. I appreciate their support in these tough financial times; I appreciate anyone that may come and watch me perform. 

I may be old and enjoy the old fashion but never will I chase you out of my yard for whatever it is you believe in. That is only a small part of you — a part I do not agree with but can always look past to the genuine human you are. 

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