The New Facebook Messenger Is Packed With New Features

Facebook had recently pulled out the messenger feature from the mobile version of the app only to re-instate it in the form of a new application. The Facebook messenger needs to be downloaded additionally to the phone in order to access personal messages which are sent and received on this social media platform. There are many critics out there who are claiming this to be an uncalled for decision, but Facebook is apologetic about this new change. However, there are a number of features which can benefit the users. So if you are new to the Facebook messenger, then do be sure to check this power-packed newest edition to Zuckerberg’s brainchild.

  • Built-In Camera For Instant Photos And Pictures

While many feel that adding this new standalone messaging app is going to hurt Facebook, there are a few features in this so-called unnecessary addition to the app which will change the user’s mind. One of these features is the built-in camera through which the user can send instant selfies and pictures on Facebook which is a similar feature to Whatsapp. The user can make use of the front or back camera to click a nice picture of them and forward it. There is also a provision to send instantly created videos, which is a big thumbs up in the favor of the Facebook messenger.

  • Share Pictures With The Help Of The Image Search Feature

It is a bonus for all those to love to share memes. Although it is not very difficult to download pictures from the web and share it via Facebook, it does require time and shifting from one page to another. With this one feature, the users will be able to search for the desired image by entering a search term. Image search can be accessed from the drop-down menu on the top of the app itself.

  • The Location Feature

Now you can easily track your friends and family with the help of this new app from Facebook. Jokes apart, it can help in locating people in case you are trying to meet them or find them. Since Facebook happens to be a place to make new friends, people can track each other down with the help of this novel addition to the app.

  • Voice Messages

This is perhaps the best feature of this application. There are many Facebook users who are slightly older, yet want to connect with family through this medium, but cannot chat properly because of the lack of adeptness for typing. Plus, there are some long messages while take a lot of time to type, so sending a voice clip is the ultimate solution to this problem. These short voice clips are great for saying it out loud and saving a lot of time and energy. It also has a personal touch as it involves the user’s voice and tone. Tapping on the record button will enable users to send voice messages, which can be as long as one minute. The message will cut off as soon as the duration is over and will be sent simultaneously.

  • Group Chats

Group chats are always fun as they enable the users to converse with each other in the form of groups. The user can pin their favorite group chat so that they are not lost. It is a fun and frolic way to get in touch with lots of people at the same time. This feature will thoroughly be enjoyed by the youth and their friend’s group.

The Verdict

Let’s face it! Facebook has ruled our lives for a very long time and most of us have not gotten bored of it. The addition of this new app may be criticized by many, but everyone has already installed it. With so many novel features, the app is not a bad addition and can be improved with time.

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