The Post In Which I Am Forced To Question My Love Of Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend, say it ain’t so!

It seems my hero’s going to try crowdfunding for some of his upcoming projects, including Casualties of Cool and the next Ziltoid disc.

He went on Twitter to gauge people’s willingness to lend a hand.

“Okay, question time guys: I have been considering doing a Pledge drive and I’d love your input… I have 2 projects currently. I’m weirded out by Pledge drives because I think it can be viewed as sucking your audience for money, however both projects are self-funded.”

Basically, Casualties of Cool is in the bag, and Dev says it’s “the closest to my heart of stuff I’ve done since Ki.” While Devin funded the recording, marketing the fucker’s another story.

If not, Devin fears “it will get buried.”

Oh Devin. I never thought you’d end up going this route, but I guess this is just the way the world’s headed, and I need to stop complaining about it because acceptance is better than denial.

Devin also is considering a Ziltoid crowdfunding campaign.

“Management thinks I should Pledge Casualties but I’m not sure it’s the right move, you know?,” asks Devin.

“I don’t want to do two…It’s cheesy I think. Please help me make my mind up, Obviously each has special perks and really cool incentives, but frankly…I’m confused.”

So am I. My love of Devin is well-documented, and I have ripped into other bands for doing this, so how do I not give Devin a hard time. I’d be a phony fuck if I didn’t, I supposed.

I hope he doesn’t end up doing it, because he’s right about the perception. And I think some fans — myself, included — might lose a sliver of respect for the dude if that’s what ends up happening.

But at the same time, Devin’s been doing it DIY-style for fucking years, with his own label, releasing his solo projects. Maybe it’s time for him to take a different approach. Or maybe it’s time to tell management “That’s not me.”

I don’t know. This has me feeling awkward and disturbed. Like I just walked in on an elderly man beating off.

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