The Successor To The Apple TV Has A Rumored Release Date

Like other companies, Apple has released its own streaming box, which is called the Apple TV. Competing boxes include Amazon’s Fire TV, Google’s Nexus Player, and the Roku 3. Consumers have jumped at streaming boxes because they provide convenience and content. With these boxes, nearly all televisions can be turned into smart TVs. Apple hasn’t released an update to the Apple TV since January 2013, and rumors are running rampant on a successor. An unconfirmed release date is now available for this device.

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a small streaming box that runs a variety of entertainment apps. This includes services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and even HBO Go. Through an HDMI connection, Apple TV connects to a television and streams to its screen. Users can control the box with its included remote. Its overall price was recently reduced from $99 to $69, which is enticing for many consumers. At this point, over 10 million Apple TVs have been sold, and that number continues to climb with each passing day.

The Rumor: A New Apple TV In June 2015 or July 2015

Analysts and users alike have been clamoring for a new Apple TV since the previous version came out. Rumors point toward a June 2015 announcement for the new streaming box. In fact, the device could even be released during the month, although July 2015 seems more likely. Apple hasn’t confirmed a refresh of the Apple TV, but various signs point toward the device’s existence. Its announcement is imminent according to most sources, and nearly everyone agrees that June 2015 is a likely timeframe for an unveiling.

What could be included with this new streaming box?

For now, rumors are abundant for the Apple TV’s successor. It could stick with the Apple TV name, but it’s going to include various upgrades and new features. A better processor and more RAM are almost guaranteed for obvious reasons. Also, Apple will likely include voice controls and gaming features. Then the streaming box should feature 4K compatibility and a design update. A lot could change from the old device as Apple seeks to increase its market share in the streaming device category.

Why is a successor to the previous Apple TV necessary?

Apple can’t afford to fall behind with its streaming devices, even though that’s already happened to a degree. Other streaming sticks and boxes have voice features. On top of that, other devices have better processors and more features. A successor to Apple TV is necessary to remain competitive and increase sales. The new machine must come with features and power not found with current streaming devices, or Apple stands to lose a lot of money and even market share.

It’s Time To Get Excited For A New Apple TV

Nobody doubts that Apple is currently working on the followup to the previous Apple TV. Up until recently, nobody should agree on a set release date, but that’s not the case now. June 2015 seems like the most likely announcement period for a new Apple TV. If that month comes and goes without an announcement, then a new streaming machine should be announced before the end of the year.

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