The Sword’s Trivett Wingo Comments On “The Big Four”

Trivett Wingo

There’s been a lot of talk in the last year about a tour of thrash’s “Big Four” — Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. While the latter three are touring this fall, Metallica have not committed to a “Big Four” trek. Drummer Lars Ulrich recently mentioned he’d be into the idea for 2011 or 2012, but that Metallica need a break after two solid years of touring.

Well, The Sword’s drummer Trivett Wingo has an inside track on the “Big Four,” now that the band’s become regular openers for Metallica both in the U.S. and overseas. asked Trivett about the “Big Four,” and whether The Sword would be willing to open for the “Big Four.”

“That would be pretty killer,” Wingo begins. But then — “I feel like the ‘Big Four’ thing is like a misnomer because its really the ‘Big One.’ Metallica is the one band out of the four that’s actually grossing millions of dollars and is a huge international sensation. Then you’ve got Slayer — they’ve held on and are totally legit. But they’re like the Toyota Camry to Lars’ Ferrari.”

What about Megadeth and Anthrax? “At this point, they are almost museum exhibits. Like, ‘Remember this man, there was this thing in the ‘90s…’ Its like a typewriter in a museum. No one uses that thing anymore but it was cool. The ‘Big Four’…it’s a time capsule. There was a moment in time when those bands were somewhat equal, and now, Metallica are the kings of the universe. Slayer are legitimate legends in their own right. But Metallica are like Led Zeppelin to Megadeth’s Cream.”

Of course, for Wingo, having a fan in Ulrich is something of a stamp of approval for his band. “It’s totally validating. There are various bands that I grew up listening to and now, it just happens those dudes have heard my band now and then I’ll meet them and they’ll be like ‘I’m a fucking huge Sword fan.’ It makes me feel awesome. Its totally validating, coming from people who inspired you. And then you meet them later, and now they’re listening to your CD instead. There was this band called Rorschach. I loved them. They were one of my favorite thrash bands and I ended up talking to Charles [Maggio] a couple of years ago through email, and I told him I was in this band The Sword, and he was like, ‘Oh, I had no idea — I’m a huge sword fan.’ That’s crazy to me.”

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