The Whiskey Diaries: South By Southwest And Back, Part 6

Life on the road

Jesse James Madre from Tiger Flowers is back with another installment of his SXSW musings; check it out.

I wouldn’t trade this life for any other. The nights like these.

This is what gives me hope on the road. Times like these. You’re out and everything is right and you play hard and fast and even the temperature seems like its just right, just for you. You discover an amazing band that just takes your bones and stretches them out into something bigger and better. You hear a riff that takes you so much , you leave half way through their set to go buy everything they have. It’s that good. It’s that heavy. It’s that right, right at that moment. Everything in its place and you at your own little center of it, being able to enjoy and breath and take it all in without the cynicism, the politics. The bullshit.

Hull contributed to that last night and I’ll share the stage with them any day. These are the greedy times. Times to be selfish. Act like you’re the only one there and have the best time you can because these times are over within breaths. In an instant it’s on to the next and everything can fade if you don’t make a special place for it. This is when it’s ok to be selfish because you’re still sharing it. Youre sharing it with them. Your friends are there. And knowing that the only people I would share it with, give it all for, is them, let’s me know it’s alright to take this all in. We all are. We always will. This is the road. This is what gets us through. This is what we will always be able to share.

The show ends but the drinking doesn’t. The sound guy starts playing 80′s staples over the PA speakers and we’re all gay for 80′s pop nostalgia and we’re all singing along and somewhere in the chorus of the night two girls start wrestling each other’s dresses up and off and the playing turns violent and somehow one girl has the other girl’s G-string and now it’s a race around the tables like some adult version of duck, duck, goose and we can not stop laughing as the car crash of it all plays out.

It’s one of those moments that happens so fast you don’t know how it started but looking back on it the next day you see the patterns. The dominoes were all in place. Sometimes you just have to push the right one down to start the chain reaction. This was our last night at SXSW. From here on the roads all start to head back home. Inching closer back to the reality that we’ve done our best to forget about. This was our last night in town and we made the most of it.

A couple hundred years ago we would have had our guns blazing, lighting up the sky in celebration but now we use our voices. We shake our fists and high five. This was out last night in town and I’ll be god damned if we didn’t make the most of it.

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