Then, This One Time, Metallica’s Drummer Barfed In Guns N’ Roses’ Dressing Room

I’d barf on her

So, recently spoke with Tommy Stinson, a founding member of the seminal Minneapolis-based rock group The Replacements and the current bass player for Guns N’ Roses and Soul Asylum, because dude is hawking a new solo album called One Man Mutiny; it comes out August 30 — like you care.

When asked the obvious question, “What’s the wildest thing that’s ever happened back stage?,” which I used to ask the first year I was doing this shit, Stinson recounted a story about Lars Ulrich from Metallica.

No word on whether this actually happened. Just because Tommy Stinson says something happened doesn’t mean the pope shits in the woods, you know what I’m saying?

“Back in the day we were all young and imbibing, getting our cocktail on,” starts Tommy.

“Like with R.E.M. and X, we got hammered with those guys pretty good. But with Guns, I’ve played with Metallica. Lars Ulrich vomiting in your dressing room, that’s pretty nasty. Him taking one shot more than he should have, then having Sebastian Bach singing, ‘Exit Lars! Exit Laaaaars!’ as his assistant is carrying him out of the building. But that’s a whole other story.”

I’ve been that guy. One too many shots. Ugh. I have thrown up in my own hands more times than I can tell you. I once barfed on a couple I’d just met.

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