Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Whitemare’s Al Kilcullen

Al Kilcullen from WhitemareAl Kilcullen from Whitemare

Al Kilcullen from Whitemare

You know the deal: We’ve reached out to folks throughout the metal world, asking that they contribute columns to the site on a number of different topics. Today, Whitemare’s Al Kilcullen brings us a column on three band we may not know but absolutely should. You can also check out his band here.

If you look back through the history books, to the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll, the art form has gone from chart-topping originators such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to a cult underground movement of artists that could only find their way into the record collections of true music fanatics, looking for something a bit more challenging than what we’ve been spoon-fed by the mainstream media.

Fortunately for me, I’ve been asked to write this article about three bands you SHOULD have heard of — as the bands that have influenced me most as a writer and musician, although successful in their own way, could never be deemed as mainstream. My own band, Whitemare, not only draws most of our influence from the following three bands, but also looks to their relative success in awe and hopes to achieve anything near what they have before us.

In 1998, I heard a record that changed my life, by a band I had never heard of. That record was Apocalypse Dudes by Norwegian sextet Turbonegro. Though they formed in the late ’80s, it took several releases and lineup changes through the years to evolve their unique “Deathpunk” sound, first truly found on this record.

Mixing part Alice Cooper, part Stooges with more than a dash of hardcore punk, to create a darker (yet fun) alternative to other artists that came from a strong Scandinavian rock ‘n’ roll scene at the time. It’s a body of work full of epic punk rock ‘n’ roll anthems that are consistently flawless, catchy, dark and raucous!

Apocalypse Dudes will forever be in my top five records of all time. Do yourself a favor and check it out TODAY!

Zeke are another band that fall into the category of cult/underground. Taking inspiration from classic rock greats like AC/DC and Motörhead and pushing them to the absolute limit with a lightning fast, punk rock delivery.

Though their early work doesn’t exactly lack speed or intensity, the peak of their creative powers has to be on 2001’s Death Alley.

The blistering pace of this album never let’s up, and really has to be heard to be believed. No breathing space in between track-after-ferocious-track leaves the listener overwhelmed (in a good way), with the “blink and you’ll miss it” nature of each song leaving you gagging for more! If you like your music fast, with ample amounts of guitar shredding, look no further.

The Hellacopters
Formed by Entombed drummer Nicke Andersson in 1994, The Hellacopters started life as a garage rock side project, with Andersson “upping sticks” to become an axe-wielding frontman and the lineup being rounded out by then Entombed roadies.

Andersson left Entombed around the time of the release of the second Hellacopters album Payin’ The Dues, a 30-minute punk rock blast, high in intensity and dirty, filthy, rocking tunes. Being purely into metal at the time, this album came as a shock to the system for me (and I’m sure for many others) but it paved the way for me to look at songwriting from a different angle, and set foundations for what would be for me, a lifelong love affair with garage rock and punk.

Payin’ The Dues captures The Hellacopters at their best, with all the sonic grit of a band that don’t give a fuck and just a peek at how slick and classy their songwriting would later become. This record is for those who can take it RAW!

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