Tool Drummer Can’t Remember Story From Al Jourgensen’s New Book

Al Jourgensen


I call bullshit on Al Jourgensen’s new book…or at least the story it contains about the Tool dudes.

Why? Because Danny Carey, Tool’s drummer, doesn’t actually remember it happening.

In Al’s book, he claims he spiked a bottle of whiskey with LSD and gave it to Tool to drink down. Oh, amd they later got him back by tricking him into ingesting enough acid to kill an elephant.

Carey tells Loudwire: “God, that’s funny, man. That’s like ’91 or ’92, probably. I think maybe that was Paul, our old bass player. I know it wasn’t Adam and I know it wasn’t Maynard and I don’t remember it.”


“Maybe it was me, that’s why I don’t remember. That does sound familiar to me, man. I think I remember Paul thinking about it as a payback or something. That does kind of ring a bell. That’s a lot of water under the bridge.”

Never happened. You don’t think Danny Carey would have remembered that happening to him? Would you forget that if it happened to you?

It didn’t happen. But, much like tricking Fred Durst into getting nude for kicks, it seems Al did do something questionable before the Tool lads.

“My most memorable thing about being backstage with those guys; I think we were sitting at a bar the first time I saw Al. He had a straw running through someone’s dick. He was taking a drink out of the straw as it was going through this other guy’s dick while he was kneeling on the bar. I was like, ‘What the fuck is this guy doing?’ It was quite a spectacle.”

I bet it was.

What’s up, Al? I mean, I hate cock. I try to avoid seeing it at all costs, and I certainly don’t want to be in the same room with an unsheathed dong. So, what gives, man? I’m confused for you.

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